Meet the GTA 5 voice actors, including photos and past work

By Kenneth Williams


Mar 13, 2023

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Nearly a decade after its release, GTA 5 continues as one of the most popular games, partially thanks to its fantastic voice cast.

GTA 5 is best known for its online multiplayer brand GTA Online, but the game first rose to fame in 2013 thanks to its extensive and bombastic story mode. The adventure follows a diverse trio of criminals in, Trevor,  Franklin, and Michael, who all turn to a life of crime in the streets of Los Santos. With GTA 6 now in development, the names and faces of the fifth entry may even make a comeback. If you’ve ever wondered what real-life actors are behind their iconic voice lines, here’s the voice-acting cast of GTA 5 explained.

GTA 5 cast members for Trevor, Michael, and Franklin

The voice actor for Trevor Philips is Steven Ogg, a Canadian voice and motion capture actor. He lent his voice and likeness to the trio’s wild card, known for his psychotic tendencies and wild banter. Some of Ogg’s likeness even rubbed off on the final character, though he notably lacks a perforated neck tattoo labeled “Cut here.” He has also appeared in Law & Order and The Walking Dead.

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Michael’s voice actor is American Ned Luke. The career criminal, who has bounced in and out of a life of crime, benefits greatly from his deadpan and serious delivery. The veteran voice actor is also a master of tonal whiplash, which comes in handy for more climatic scenes. Luke is also a television veteran, appearing in Law & Order, Boardwalk Empire, and All My Children.

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Round out the voice acting cast of GTA 5 is Shawn Fonteno as Franklin Clinton. The Los Angeles native brings Franklin to life with the perfect blend of street smarts and business sense. Before GTA V, he appeared in the films 3 Strikes and Wash. As with Michael and Trevor’s cast members, Foteno also provided motion capture for Franklin’s appearances in GTA 5. 

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