Match history now ready for TFT in PBE, coming to live in 9.19

By Olivia Richman


Sep 24, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Teamfight Tactics’ long requested match history is now on PBE. 

As part of a Riot developer blog post, product lead Richard “MapleNectar” Henkel stated that match history is coming “very soon.” If everything “goes smoothly” on PBE, TFT fans can expect match history to go live in patch 9.19. 

After it’s live, we’ll be looking to make improvements. Look for updates and a more fleshed out version a few patches later,’ the developer concluded. 

Match history has been one of Teamfight Tactic’s most anticipated additions since the auto battler hit the scene earlier this year. 

On one League of Legends forum, a TFT player explained that match history was needed because “when a game ends, it’s like it never happened. It only lives on in our memories.” 

They went on to suggest trophies that change as they level up or get first place in a match. They also noted that a tab with information about their past games would work. While “statistics would be awesome,” a list of past games seemed to satisfy them for the time being. 

TFT players on Reddit had similar discussions, often asking how they were supposed to review their previous matches and results. 

The first version of match history on PBE has been making the rounds on Reddit, with players seemingly satisfied with the addition. Although some users noted that it seemed a little simple, missing item displays and opponent information, many were still just happy to have it.

Principal developer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer had also stated that this was only the first version, meaning it will most likely have more features in the future. 

Riot developer blog answers popular TFT questions


Match history wasn’t the only hot topic addressed in the latest developer blog. 

Players also asked when this year’s ranked season will end. Designer Jon “iamwalrus” Moorman stated that the Summoner’s Rift 2019 Ranked Season will conclude on Tuesday, November 19. 

“This could change if something weird happens; we’ll let you know if it does,” he concluded. 

But for now, there’s only two months left of this year’s ranked season. 

Mortdog also discussed the return of Ultra-Rapid Fire game mode. The popular yet chaotic game mode will be back “in some form” by the end of this year, “with some minor adjustments we think you’ll like.”

Mortdog was not able to say which patch would include the return of the altered URF game mode. 

He also included a video from when URF was started as an April Fool’s Day joke in 2014. 

“What a journey it’s been. Warning: Video contains old map, old Ryze, and old memes,” Mortdog joked. 

Even though it may have started out as a joke, URF became one of League of Legend’s most popular modes. It was even featured in various All-Star events. While it’s not clear what the changes will be, fans are already excited for its return. 


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