Manchester City star Sergio Agüero just started playing LoL

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Premier League star and striker for Manchester City Sergio Agüero recently entered the world of League of Legends.

Many big sports names have started to stream themselves playing video games and showing an interest in esports, and Sergio Agüero is the next in line. Argüero has been streaming on Twitch for quite a while, playing games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Grand Theft Auto 5, and The Last of Us 2. He recently picked up League of Legends, which is seemingly his first MOBA game. 

Man City striker Agüero takes on League of Legends

Agüero is still very new to League of Legends. He started out by crushing some bots with Lux before he ventured into any normal games against other human players. According to his League of Legends profile, Agüero is currently level 5 with only several games played in total. These games included normal matches in which he was matched against players who might have been using smurf accounts, giving Agüero a rough welcome to Summoner’s Rift. 

People on social media were surprised to see the Manchester City star playing League of Legends on Twitch. Agüero is mostly known for his skills on the football field, playing for Manchester City in what is now his ninth year at the club. Agüero has played 263 matches for the team, scoring 180 goals while doing so and having been considered one of the best players in the whole of the Premier League. 

Other big names from the sports world have also entered the streaming and esports scene. FC Barcelona striker Antoine Griezmann recently started his own esports organization called Grizi Esport, with teams in Fortnite and FIFA. British Formula 1 driver Lando Norris has also become a big name on Twitch after joining the platform to stream racing games online.