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Magical Games to Try Out After Disney Dreamland Valley

By William Davis


Jan 12, 2024

Reading time: 3 min

After you’ve spent hours at a time in Dreamland Valley, you just might want to discover other magical places. There are many games that can offer you similar experiences. They’re all full of breathtaking landscapes and captivating adventures.

Let’s explore similar magical realms

If Dreamland Valley was one of your to-go games, then you’d want to try others where you can explore charming and mysterious worlds.

Magic Realms immerses you into a VR world. Here, you and your friends can work together to defend your Source Crystal from invaders of other worlds.

The story is incredibly interesting and captivating. But that’s what people always say about the games they like. They always mention graphics and other things that are quite generic. But few actually mention just how incredible that feeling is when you put on your VR set and get to actually be there! You get to see and almost feel the magic around you! So, yeah, the game is worth trying.

What other enchanted worlds are there?

If this Disney creation has caught your attention, we have some other games that might catch your interest, too.

Animal Crossing is a fun and, dare we say, cute game. Here, you get to own your own slice of paradise where you can design and create your own world and civilization. The game rewards patient players and encourages exploration.

Craft your own adventure

So, you’re the type who wants to design and create your own world. But you like things to be a bit less “round and cute”. Well, you definitely must try Terraria. Here, you get to dig and build, fight and explore. Discover new lands and make them your own by building a house. Then guard it!

Nothing is impossible in this land of adventure and wonder

Do you want to build your own kingdom with palaces and castles? Why not? Or do you want to recreate entire landscapes from your favourite movies? That’s also possible!

The only thing you actually need to be able to do quite anything in this game is patience. Skills and talent are something you really do develop in time. We’re quite sure (actually, we’re very sure!) that we’re not the first ones to say that. However, this doesn’t mean we are lying.

After all, not all games require talents and skills when the internet is literally filled with videos that can teach you anything and everything. So, eventually, it only comes down to patience – lots of it!

Patience to watch tutorials and then more patience to actually practise what you learned. At the end of the day, this is how all magic happens – through patience!

Gambling is a magic of a different kind

If you’re looking for a different type of magic, you might also give gambling a try. Online casinos await you with captivating and colourful slots and other games. In this world, luck and strategy go hand in hand to offer you a truly fascinating experience.

The Yggdrasil Gaming’s Beauty and the Beast popular slot title is a much-celebrated classic that can become a worthy option for video gamers who have completed the Disney Dreamland Valley game. Not only does it offer immersive graphics featuring different scenes reminiscent of the classic fairytale, but it is likely to find several NZ casino bonuses to try out on this title due to its popularity.

What type of adventurer are you?

In Dreamland Valley, you are the hero who brings back the light. We love video games not just because we can escape reality. We love them because we can build our own realities, yes, plural! We live so many different lives, and we can undo and redo so many things. Real life doesn’t give us that option. Real life doesn’t always allow us to take control of things. This is why video games are so beloved by so many people.

You might be an explorer and discover new worlds or a fighter and defend your crib. You get to be a mage and cast spells, or you can be a tank and have everyone fear you.

Regardless of the type of character you choose, games always have a magical world ready for you. You just need to decide how you wish to discover it.


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