Madden NFL 22 Mobile

Madden NFL 23 Mobile release date, features revealed

By Steven Rondina


Jul 9, 2022

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Madden NFL 23 is coming out on a variety of platforms this year, and EA Sports has finally detailed how Madden NFL 23 Mobile will work and when it will come out.

Madden Mobile works quite different from the primary console series. While the Madden series is a sports sim that tries to closely follow the real NFL game, most notably offering completely up-to-date rosters, Madden Mobile incorporates more standard mobile game features. This means building up a custom team through grinding and microtransactions. Here’s how the transition from Madden Mobile 22 to Madden Mobile 23 will work.

What is the Madden NFL 23 Mobile release date?

Madden Mobile 23 comes out on August 18. This is actually the day before the full release of Madden NFL 23 on consoles and PC.

Ahead of the Madden Mobile 23 release date, a number of other updates and events will take place to lay the groundwork for the new mobile game. Different facets of the update will be addressed over the coming weeks, with updates coming on the following features on the following dates:

  • July 6 – Art/UX
  • July 13 – Madden Base and new user program
  • July 20 – OVR and progression
  • July 27 – Journeys and Weight Room
  • August 3 – Competitive and LVL updates
  • August 10 – Programs

These announcements will come through various means including both the in-game notification system and on the game’s official Twitch channel.

How will player ratings change?

Some details have been released describing exactly what’s new in the mobile version of the game. Established players now have some details on how the new Madden season will work.

The biggest change coming to Madden NFL 23 Mobile relative to the previous season is the player rating system. Players with a rarity of uncommon or better will be movable to the next season, but all of these players will have their OVR adjusted based on the new system.

This will likely result in some players becoming less useful than others after the adjustments are made. The good news is that players who are affected by these rating adjustments can be traded in for player packs and resources.


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