Valorant friend request

Mad Valorant players are demanding friend request notifications

By Olivia Richman


Dec 25, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant players are calling on Riot Games to improve the first-person shooter’s social system, which the game’s community feels is deeply flawed.

Most games have a pretty underwhelming social system, often missing key features that could improve the in-game experience. Valorant is no exception, and now players are raising their voices to point out these issues in hopes that Riot Games will make some changes in 2022.

Valorant players not happy with social system

On social media, Valorant players have become quite vocal about their disdain for the issues they’ve experienced when it comes to the game’s social system. The most frustrating part of the experience for many is the simple act of sending and receiving friend requests.

Currently, many players have noticed that there is no notification on their end when they send a friend request to a player they’ve just teamed up with. This leads to people sending multiple friend requests in a row, since they are not sure if the first request was sent or not.

Unfortunately, players can only send a certain amount of friend requests, meaning these multiple requests will all count towards their total. This significantly limits how many requests they can send going forward unless they use a separate program to cancel all of the requests.

Riot Games currently has a cap on the number of pending friend requests a player can have as well. This means that there is a chance that the other person didn’t receive the request at all due to a full friend list, but you’d never know that due to the lack of notifications either way. Sometimes players are unable to see pending friend requests sent by new in-game acquaintances when their friend list is already full, causing even more frustration.

Will Riot Games fix the Valorant social system?

Riot Games has not responded to complaints about the Valorant social system to this point. Many Valorant players feel that it’s low on the developers’ radar, with the team more focused on adding more agents and maps. Agent balancing has been another big part of the game’s updates in recent months.

While new content is always welcome, fans are starting to feel bogged down by the abundance of issues with the game’s social system and other in-game oddities.

How do you send a friend request in Valorant?

To send a friend request in Valorant, you must first open the “Friends” tab located in the top right of the screen. Then, click on the + icon. This can be found in the bottom right corner. At this point, you can enter someone’s Riot ID or gamertag. Click the + icon again. This will send the player a friend request.

Be aware that you won’t receive confirmation of the friend request being sent. If the player has a full friends list, you won’t be notified of this either, and that player will never receive your request. Even so, Valorant will still consider this one of your allowed open friend requests, limiting the number of future requests you can send unless you manage to cancel the open friend request.