Ludwig unbanned from YouTube following child safety suspension

By Olivia Richman


Jun 16, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren recently ran into some drama on YouTube that ended his 618-day video upload streak. 

Ludwig was streaming on Twitch when he noticed the new drama on YouTube unfolding. Ludwig saw ban information sent to his email from YouTube. The email explained that his YouTube channel, which has almost 2 million subscribers, was suspended over a community strike after his latest “You Laugh You Lose” video. 

YouTube told Ludwig that the strike was the result of a “child safety” concern. But Ludwig was unable to figure out which part of the video would result in this strike. Ludwig seemed panicked, questioning what was even in the video that would result in YouTube’s decision to suspend uploading rights for a week. 

“They just took it down. I can’t upload a video for a week. My streak’s gonna die,” Ludwig said. “This sucks actually. I wonder what it was.”

YouTube responds to Ludwig suspension

According to Ludwig, this is the first time he’s been unable to upload in almost two years. This was an unfortunate end to a fun streak Ludwig had going. His fans studied his latest videos to figure out exactly which clip led to the suspension. Each time, Ludwig would say that the clip “doesn’t make senses” for the punishment. 

“The video is on YouTube. If my video got taken down, but the original video has 10x my views… Every single clip is a reaction to a clip on YouTube,” Ludwig said. 

After the public outcry from Ludwig and his fans, YouTube took action. They confirmed that the video would be reinstated, but would now carry an age restriction. Ludwig’s ban was also lifted, but it still ruined his impressive streak of consecutive days uploading videos.

The situation shined a light on how difficult it can be to fight YouTube’s strike system. If Ludwig wasn’t a public figure with so many fans, it’s highly unlikely that he would’ve had the ban reversed, whether or not it was justifiable.