LS confirms that he has gotten offers from NA, EU, Korea, China

By Christian Vejvad


Sep 10, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

The popular LCK caster and League of Legends content creator Nick “LS” Cesare recently confirmed that he has been approached by esports organizations from several regions. 

A recent report by Inven Global claimed that LS had been approached by two big organizations, one of them being the LCK’s T1. It was not reported exactly what position LS had been offered, but fans are speculating that it could either be a coaching or analyst position. Others have speculated that LS might have been approached to become a streamer for the organization, due to his recent growth in popularity on Twitch and YouTube.

It was confirmed by LS himself on stream that he has in fact been approached by a couple of big organizations from Korea. Not only that, but he has also had offers from NA, EU, and China. 

“As it stands right now I have four offers from NA, two from Europe, two from Korea, and one from China,” LS said on stream. “I got reached out to about other ones, but they are not confirmed so I can’t really talk about that,”

Is LS going to coach in 2021, and where will he go?

It’s not by coincidence that organizations are looking towards LS for coaching or analyst advice. The 26-year-old has previously coached the former LCK team bbq Olivers, a position that made him the first western coach for a Korean organization. 

LS has previously stated on stream that he will have a hard time accepting a coaching or analyst position because he wouldn’t likely have time to stream and cast the LCK. He also mentioned that it would hurt his income if he were to give up his original content creation. 

LS is known for his expansive knowledge of the game as well as for his sometimes controversial opinions. LS is a prominent figure when it comes to debating drafting and itemization within the game. He is also a major advocate for freezing and otherwise manipulating minion waves in the game. His opinions and game terms have been adopted by many fans and prominent names within the League of Legends community. 

LS is a former StarCraft player and Magic: The Gathering fan. His experience in other games can be seen in his method of looking at League of Legends play. He often uses Magic: The Gathering terms when it comes to drafting and team compositions, something that has helped many to better understand the popular MOBA. 

The upcoming offseason will most likely determine if we will see LS on the LCK broadcast next year, or if he will be joining an organization for a new adventure.   


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