LPL All-Star event rescheduled to take place in January 2021

By Olivia Richman


Dec 28, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

League of Legends fans won’t get to watch the LPL All-Star action until 2021. 

The LPL made an official announcement on Twitter, telling fans that the All-Star event will be held on January 1 and 2. It will feature four matches that showcase popular LPL players’ skills and bring some entertainment to the mix. 

According to the LPL’s tweet, specific details including the event’s schedule, players, and events will be announced later on. 

LPL All-Stars was originally scheduled for December 11 and 12. The offline event would have some of the top players, coaches, and content creators come together in Chengdu. But the event ended up being postponed earlier this month. 

The event’s delay might have been a positive for fans. Several top Korean players, including Dong-geun “TheShy” Kang and Eui-jin “Rookie” Song, were unable to participate on the original dates due to visa issues and travel complications. TheShy was officially confirmed by a South Korean publication once the event was moved to a later date. 

Fans who purchased tickets for the All-Star event already received refunds. Since then, they have been awaiting the new date so they can buy tickets once again. 

What happens at the LPL All-Star event? 

LPL All-Star 2021 date

The LPL All-Star event is a chance for top players to not only show off their skills together, but also to have some fun. There will be an all-star match featuring two teams made up of players voted into the event. There will also be a rookie match for players who joined the LPL after last year’s season. Eight players will also compete in a solo-king event. A legacy match between Team OMG and EDG’s former rosters is also slated to take place. 

LPL All-Star will also be when the winners of the China LoL of the Year Awards will take place. Here are the categories that will be included:  

  • Best team
  • Best top laner
  • Best jungler
  • Best mid laner
  • Best support
  • MVP of the year
  • Best foreign player
  • Most improved player
  • Most improved team
  • Best manager
  • Best coach
  • Best academy coach 
  • Best rookie

Each category currently has three finalists, which have been announced. Now fans are anxiously awaiting who will come out on top for each reward.