Louis Vuitton launches League of Legends collection, sells out

By Marta Juras


Dec 10, 2019

Reading time: 1 min

World famous fashion brand Louis Vuitton launched a clothing collection in collaboration with League of Legends. The merchandise sold out in Europe within an hour after its launch.

The collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Riot Games isn’t anything new. The new collection is rather another product of the partnership. The two organizations started working together for the 2019 World Championship, where Louis Vuitton designed a case for the Summoner’s Cup and sent gifts to the finalists. The brand was also responsible for designing the prestige edition of True Damage Qiyana, and is in the process of designing a new skin for Senna.

But the clothing collection is a whole different level for the partners.

League fans spend thousands on LVxLoL merchandise

As it’s expected from Louis Vuitton, the items on sale are extremely expensive. And while the League of Legends community was buzzing about high prices being unachievable for most fans, sales proved the validity of the company’s approach. The European market sold out all of the items almost as soon as it launched.

There’s something to find on the list for everyone who’s into high-end fashion. Sleeveless tops, print t-shirts, sneakers, bags, hats, and other accessories. The prices are, however, really reserved for those with high incomes. For instance, a standard black t-shirt with a print of Qiyana’s prestige skin costs $670, handbags cost more than $1,500, and the most expensive product on the list is a watch priced $3,060.

Many have raised the question of how Louis Vuitton plans on selling such expensive products targeting gamers as the main audience. There were questions raised about the speciality of the products as well, as many of them were already on sale in their original versions without the League of Legends colors that were designed for the collaboration But the worldwide brand is sure to understand that market better than bystanders, and the collaboration seems to be a success.