lolvvv’s new Clash tool is the latest weapon in League of Legends’ Clash events

By Jared Wynne


May 28, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Players looking to get an edge in their next Clash tournament have a new tool available to them that may put their team over the top.

League of Legends data platform lolvvv has introduced a new Clash feature that quickly and thoroughly breaks down any and all relevant information behind competing players and teams in the popular MOBA’s Clash tournaments. This enables users to get a leg up on their competition better than ever before.

Using the tool is surprisingly easy. Only one name from an opposing team is required to search both the player and each of their teammates. Once the team has been found, there’s plenty of information made available at the user’s fingertips.

Each of the opposing team’s most-played champions can be found, as well as which champions they’ve been playing recently and which champions they have the highest mastery scores on.

But that’s just the start. Users can also see the team’s most recent results as a group, giving unique insight into opposing teams’ drafting preferences and compositional styles. This goes a long way towards determining how to sort out one’s own draft. Do your opponents prefer a team full of melee brawlers who could potentially be controlled and poked out? Or are they favoring elusive assassin champions that need to be locked down? This tool helps to answer those very questions.

lolvvv’s Clash feature also provides recommended bans based on a proprietary algorithm, giving players a final edge over other teams by providing exactly the right bans to nullify other teams’ greatest strengths.

There’s more to lolvvv than just this new scouting feature. The platform also boasts plenty of information about popular champions and builds. This is based primarily on games played by professional League of Legends players, ensuring that only the best and most effective builds are brought to the fore.

Clash events have been a popular feature since their official release in League of Legends. As more players compete, more of those players are looking to get an edge on the competition. Savvy players will seek out tools like lolvvv’s Clash feature to come out on top.


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