LoL Patch 9.15 brings buffs, PROJECT skins, and a legacy cursor scare

By Melany Moncada


Aug 1, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

League of Legends Patch 9.15 is now live!

While the previous update changed the meta and introduced new mechanics, 9.15 is taking it slow and keeping it simple. Riot Games said that Patch 9.14 would be the last major update before the professional leagues’ playoffs and they seem to be following through on that promise.

LoL champion changes in Patch 9.15


A number of champions received tweaks but the changes to Galio, Leblanc, Lee Sin, and Poppy stand out above the rest.

After losing the ability to flash while casting his stun in the previous update, Galio’s pick rate hit an all-time low. To compensate for that, Galio is getting a damage increase on his passive and E.

Leblanc received a sizable damage boost on her E as well, Lee Sin’s Q base damage went up, and Poppy’s W movement speed increased. These three champions have high win rates in solo queue and might get even more time on the professional stage.

New PROJECT skins for Pyke, Akali, and more


Six new science fiction-inspired PROJECT skins will be available on August 1. The cosmetics were shown off in a pair of trailers earlier this month.

As detailed by Riot, the story follows “a band of cybernetic castoffs” looking to infiltrate the city and destroy the PROJECT Corporation. The outsiders are Pyke, Jinx, Akali, Warwick, and Irelia with her prestige edition.

In addition to the new skins and the thematic login screen, players can also purchase icons.

Is the legacy cursor gone in Patch 9.15?


The legacy mouse cursor is back after a short scare, but it might not stick around for long.

A shiny but lamentably unoriginal arrow was introduced last year in version 8.14, but players long had the option to stick with the classic bronze gauntlet. That option was inexplicably removed in Patch 9.15, a move which led to sizable backlash from the entire LoL community. Professionals, casual players, and streamers alike complained about the decision and asked for the legacy cursor to return.

Riot ultimately bowed to fans’ wishes but warned them to not get too attached, saying “as a result of your feedback, we’re keeping it in 9.15 and onward at this time. That being said, we’re still planning on removing the option entirely in the future.”

The full patch notes can be found on the official League of Legends website. Details on 9.15’s changes to Teamfight Tactics can be found here.


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