LoL patch 10.3 completely breaks runes, forcing default setups

By Milo Webb


Feb 6, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Setting up runes is an important part of preparing for a game of League of Legends, but the latest patch is causing the entire rune system to bug out.

Patch 10.3 went live February 4 and brought a myriad of buffs and nerfs to various champions. The patch also glitched the rune system, causing players’ saved runes to no longer transfer into the game. 

One of the preset rune pages provided by Riot Games will be selected instead, based on the champion they’ve chosen. What’s worse is that the bug affects the entire lobby and occurs completely randomly.

This bug is hindering players’ in-game performance and costing them matches that may have been otherwise winnable. There doesn’t seem to be any way to reliably prevent this from happening and there doesn’t seem to be an apparent cause for it.

This bug is randomly popping up everywhere on both North America and Western Europe servers. One person who has been impacted is Team Liquid ADC Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng, who tweeted his first hand experience with the bug.

Many others responded to Doublelift’s tweet, saying that they had experienced the same bug in various game modes. One user reached out to the Riot Support Twitter account directly and presented them with proof of the rune page bug. 

Riot has not made an official statement yet about the bug, but the support team is likely working on it considering how many players are experiencing it. Until the bug is fixed, any players who enter a match are risking the possibility of encountering this dangerous bug and ruining the experience for themselves.

Several users who lost a ranked match due to the bug are demanding their League Points be refunded. So far, Riot has not taken action to compensate those unfortunate players.

Players particularly concerned about maintaining their LP ought to avoid ranked play for the time being.


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