LGD has been the biggest letdown of the 2020 Worlds play-in stage

Christian Vejvad • September 27, 12:37

LGD Gaming takes its third loss at the 2020 World Championship play-in stage after getting decimated by Unicorns of Love. 

LGD was the clear favorite going into this year’s play-in stage, but had a horrible start to the tournament. With two losses throughout the first two days, LGD was forced to perform for the last few best-of-one games. 

The biggest hurdle for LGD has been their lack of coordination, but big individual mistakes time and time again have also been a deciding factor for the team. The team has been hyped up by the community to dominate the play-in stage, but seems to have crumbled under the pressure. 

The game against UoL was no different from that. LGD got the early game lead that they were looking for, but slowly started to fall behind as the laning phase ended. LGD didn’t give any respect towards UoL, which got punished hard. 

LGD started out the tournament against PSG Talon who had to play with three substitutes. No one believed that LGD could lose the match, but fans and experts were proven wrong. 

LGD pick the wrong drafts

LGD drafted a very lane dependent composition that allowed the individual players to shine, but no one on the team showed up. Instead, PSG Talon utilized its strong team fighting composition and gave fans the first look into LGD’s struggles. 

Peanut underperforming in play-ins

Many would have expected the loss to be a one-time thing, but LGD had the exact same issues against Rainbow7. LGD jungler Han “Peanut” Wang-ho especially struggles with securing objectives in the game, which ultimately led to another defeat. 

Peanut’s early games have been lackluster and his ability to secure objectives has been close to non-existent. LGD has given over more dragons than any other team, resulting in some big disadvantages.  

The loss against UoL might have been the final nail in the LGD coffin, as they now have a long way to the main event. With that said, LGD could potentially start performing if they manage to find some confidence. 

With three losses and only one win, LGD is tied for fourth place with V3. The two teams will play a tiebreaker to decide which team will advance to the elimination matches and which team will be knocked out of Worlds directly. 

An exit for LGD in the play-in stage would be one of the biggest disappointments in Worlds history, so the team is forced to find solutions for all the problems. 


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