LEC partners with Pringles, gives away skins for LEC Summer final

By Marta Juras


Aug 17, 2019

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Riot Games has announced it has partnered up with Pringles for the upcoming League of Legends European Championship Summer Finals.

Pringles, the Kellogg Company’s canned potato chip brand, will be distributing around 115 million Pringles cans featuring a code for the partnership’s raffles. League players and Pringles consumers across Europe will be able to enter a daily raffle that will reward two players with a legacy skin. The raffle will be held every day through September 28.

Legacy skins are generally limited edition skins, such as event-related or retired skins. In the LEC Pringles raffle, players will have a chance to win Championship Zed, Championship Riven, Conqueror Varus, Conqueror Alistar, or Challenger Nidalee skins.

The partnership will also run another separate raffle offering a trip to a LEC meet and greet. Two lucky players will be awarded a pair of weekend VIP tickets that include a match day experience, hanging out with LEC broadcasters, and a backstage tour of the studio. 

Whoever submits the code for the skins raffle will automatically participate in both contests. Players simply need to answer a few League of Legends-related questions and submit the code found at the bottom of a Pringles can on the website to enter.

Marketing manager for northern Europe at Kellogg, Dominik Schafhaupt, commented on how the company is looking to strengthen its brand recognition within the esports community by expanding its outreach to LEC fans.

”We’ve seen the energy and passion of the LEC fans and were excited to work with the team at Riot to help us build our relationship with their community for the Summer Finals,” Schafhaupt said.

With the Pringles partnership, Kellogg joins a growing list of the LEC’s biggest sponsors. Regional finals are being sponsored by the automobile manufacturer Kia Motors, energy drink producer Red Bull, domestic appliance brand Beko, record label Warner Music, and more.

The LEC 2019 Summer Finals will be held on September 13. The winner will qualify for the 2019 World Championship, which this year will be held across Europe with the finals being held in Paris.


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