Learn all about agent Kay/O’s abilities, release date, and more

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 17, 2021

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Agent 16 Kay/O will be a nightmare for players who heavily rely on their utility in Valorant. 

The game’s latest agent, Kay/O, has finally been revealed. He’s unlike anything you’ve seen before in Valorant. Kay/O is a deadly robot out for blood. This robotic agent will change the game’s meta, and detailed look into his kit provides hints as to how. 

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Agent 16 has a tool kit that interacts uniquely with other agents’ powers. He’s everything Valorant players have been asking for, and he’s also a bearer of bad news for Killjoy and Sova mains. Kay/O can deactivate the abilities of enemies, deal damage, and blindside agents. All in all, he’s bad news for the opposition. 

What are Kay/O’s abilities in Valorant?

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Here’s a breakdown of Kay/O’s utility kit in Valorant. 

E – ZERO/point

KAY/O equips a suppression blade that, when thrown, sticks to the first surface it hits. The knife then suppresses anyone caught in the explosion radius, rendering their abilities useless.

Q – FLASH/drive

KAY/O equips a flash grenade that explodes after it’s thrown, blinding enemies in its line of sight. Right-clicking the grenade causes it to only cook for one second before exploding. Left-clicking cooks the flash for 1.6 seconds longer.

C – FRAG/ment

KAY/O equips an explosive fragment that sticks to the floor when thrown. The fragment explodes multiple times and deals near-lethal damage at its center with each explosion.

Ultimate – NULL/cmd

KAY/O instantly overloads with polarized radianite energy, empowering him and causing large energy pulses to emit from his location. Enemies hit with these pulses are suppressed for a short duration. While Overloaded, KAY/O gains Combat Stim. If he is killed while overloaded, he’s downed and enters a destabilized state that allows allies to revive him by stabilizing his core.

There are two new things in Kay/O’s kit that will modify the game meta infested with heavy use of abilities. As promised, the agent will highlight gunplay with his knife that will dismantle powers within its radius. Players will be forced to rely on their aims if they are a Kay/O player in the opposite team. 

His ability to be revived is also new. Before Kay/O, only Sage could bring the dead back, but the new agent will likely be able to get resurrected with the help of any available agent on his team. This new power could render him very powerful in Valorant, as all agents currently rely solely on Sage for revivals. 

When is the new Valorant agent releasing?

Kay/O is coming to Valorant alongside Episode 3, Act 1 on June 22. 


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