Leaks tease Jett’s Blade Storm knife as the next Valorant melee

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 17, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Judging from a new leak, Riot Games seems to have ripped off another old melee design for an upcoming knife. And players are not happy about it. 

Valorant cosmetic teasers are always a reason to be cheerful for the game’s players. Riot Games has raised the bar with its fun skin bundles, and now fans think that the recent skin sets aren’t on par with Riot’s design potential. Another teaser has torn the players as some think it’s just a lazy recreation of Jett’s Valorant GO! dagger. 

Credible leaker ValorMike shared an in-game screenshot of a sleek dagger that appears to be eerily familiar. This melee is likely a part of an upcoming battle pass or bundle, but players have some reservation either way. According to those players, the dagger is an exact copy of the Valorant GO! bundle with Jett’s branding. The sharp knife is shaped similarly, save for the Jett illustrations. 

While players aren’t too happy with the identical shape, part of the community is delighted that Riot is rolling out a similar melee. The Valorant GO! melee is one of the biggest hit daggers in the game. Many have waited months for this melee to appear in their market, so a similar melee isn’t entirely unwelcomed. Moreover, it’s not an exact copy. The leaked knife is actually a pretty fun design for Jett players. 

Unlike the GO! melee, this knife is an upgraded version of Jett’s Bladestorm. The dagger is built exactly like the blades that the duelist tosses around when activating her ultimate. This feature makes it a unique melee and likely a strong contender for the Champions’ karambit, the most expensive Valorant knife. 

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The leaked dagger indeed has the potential to become one of the most coveted Valorant knives if it is coming as part of a bundle. It may also be a part of the next battle pass. Riot has previously delivered a karambit in a battle pass. So anything could happen. Whatever the case, Jett players are in for a treat. 

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