Leaks provide first look at Kay_0, Valorant’s new agent 16

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 17, 2021

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We finally know what Valorant’s agent 16 will like, and it turns out that the memes about a bot escaping the practice range weren’t entirely wrong. 

Plenty of fan theories about Valorant’s brand new agent have been floating around, but developers at Riot Games managed to keep the details under wraps. Btu dozens of images have now slipped through the cracks, providing a first look at this new agent, a robot quite similar to the ones you see in the practice range of Valorant. 

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Valorant’s agent roster is diverse and versatile. The heroes come from different parts of the world and contribute their superhuman powers to save the world. But the developer has also added a unique twist to the roster with the addition of non-human characters like Omen, who’s basically a hovering shadow. Agent 16 will build upon Valorant’s novel storyline, as he also deviates from the human category. 

According to the original leaker, who has now deactivated his account, the new agent is called “Kay_0.” Not only his name is unique, but the new agent is unlike any other character in Valorant. The new agent appears to be a robot whose abilities have a purple aura around it. Much like Omen, Kay_0 doesn’t have a defined face. Instead, a creepy sign glows where his facial features should be. 

What are Kay_0’s abilities in Valorant?

Players may want to sharpen up their aim, as Kay_0 is all about mechanics and technology. The leaked images double down on previous theories and teasers that suggested Agent 16 would counter enemies’ abilities. In one of the images that Killjoy’s turret looks dead despite the agent standing healthy inside Kay_0’s purple radius. It likely means that the new agent has a power that dismantles all utility inside its field. 

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The developers have previously stressed that gunplay will become highly crucial with the addition of the new agent. Kay_0 seems like a robot who’s not a fan of heavy utilities and will instead bring the spotlight back to the shooting aspect of Valorant. Players shouldn’t be surprised if Kay_0 is equipped with a grenade similar to Raze’s Paint Shells. 

The new agent will be released with Episode 3, which is set to roll out on June 22. The developer has also promised a rank reset to better polish the current ranking system that is littered with smurfs. Along with these changes, the Give Back skin bundle will finally be made available in the store. Players can also shop the new battle pass to grind through Episode 3, Act I. 


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