Leaks for League 10th Anniversary hint at mobile and card games

By Marta Juras


Oct 15, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

With the League of Legends 10th Anniversary celebration event soon going live, many leaks to what Riot Games will announce during the event are coming through, including a mobile game, a card game, and an anime series.

According to leaks shared by reporter Rob “Slasher” Breslau, Riot is about to announce a number of diverse features they have been developing behind the scenes.

Riot to release a card game, mobile game, and anime?


One of those leaks is the development of Riot’s new digital collectible card game, named “Legends of Runnetera.” There’s no information on exactly what kind of a DCCG this will be, but it’s likely going to feature League champions and their skills, possibly even with a unique twist that adds the elements of MOBA games to the cards.

Another project Riot has been working on, and will reportedly announce during the anniversary event, is a highly-anticipated League of Legends mobile game, expected to be an adaptation of the standard PC version for smart devices. Leaks for the mobile game even include a picture with a preregistration code for China and Brazil.

Riot’s animators do an amazing job with cinematics and other animated excerpts for League’s lore, and the game’s lore has been considerably beefed up over the years. That’s why fans weren’t surprised to hear Riot might also officially announce the production of an anime set within the League of Legends world.

What about Riot’s League of Legends fighting game?


So far, there have been no leaks regarding the fighting game Riot had confirmed to be in development during EVO earlier this year, but many fans are expecting to hear more information about it as well during the event.

Riot seems to be working hard on developing a wider variety of games, given they have been focusing only on League for the past ten years, and there’s not much reason to doubt their success. The developer has been keeping League consistently growing for ten years, and a big milestone like this one is a great opportunity to broaden their horizons in the industry.

Fans are already excited to hear what all Riot has in store for the anniversary. The outline of the celebration happening on October 15 is available here.