Alleged leaked DMs reveal Valkyrae is looking to quit RFLCT

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 28, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

A private conversation between Ludwig and Valkyrae has allegedly been leaked, and it seems to show that the YouTube streamer is looking to quit the RFLCT project shortly after announcing it. 

Valkyrae’s skincare line RFLCT stirred a massive controversy in the gaming community. The recent events add a new twist to the story, painting Valkyrae as more naive than insidious in the planning and development of the RFLCT brand.

Often called the queen of YouTube, Valkyrae’s two-year project RFLCT had drawn brutal backlash from the gaming and streaming communities for being a product of pseudoscience. Fans were counting Valkyrae to clear the air, but the streamer failed to deliver a reasonable explanation. Valkyrae revealed that she wants out due to the ongoing controversy during a recent YouTube stream, but her contract ties her to the product. 

Her initial response only fueled the fire as Valkyrae revealed that RFLCT conducted its own supposed research into the blue light damage that is behind the company’s purpose, but that this research would not be made available to the public. Published research conflicts with Valkyrae’s claims, leading fans to doubt the credibility of the RFLCT products.

On her live streams, Valkyrae held back from openly supporting RFLCT, and recent leaks confirm her genuine hesitancy around it. 

Leaked screenshots reveal Valkyrae wants out of RFLCT contract

The screenshots leaked by Atrioc while using Ludwig’s PC reveal that Valkyrae is actively trying to exit her contract with RFLCT. The streamer said that she might be able to find an out as she still hadn’t signed one of the contracts. She revealed that the firm “hates her” for potentially leaving her contract obligations, but that she’s still hopeful it’s possible. 

The screenshots paint Valkyrae more as a victim who blindly trusted the ULTA company, who allegedly invested $4 million into the product. However, the streamer did say that she made a mistake by not asking more questions and instead trusting the firm with her brand, which is now being “ruined.” 

It remains to be seen how the situation unfolds from here. The screenshots and related drama surrounding RFLCT certainly have damaged the product’s reputation. Valkyrae may end up extricating herself from the contract, further worsening the skin care product’s image as her own continues to take damage.


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