Leak says new champion Samira could be coming in just two weeks

By Olivia Richman


Aug 3, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

A League of Legends streamer and habitual leaker has unveiled some new details about the MOBA’s possible 151st champion,  Samira. 

Brazilian content creator Streamie, who also leaked Yone, told the League of Legends community that she planned to share details about Samira’s abilities and physical appearance during a live stream. According to Streamie, she got the information from a friend who works at developer Riot Games. 

Streamie described Samira as a “female Rambo, but hot,” further explaining that she looks like a combination of a Miss Fortune skin and another image she shared on screen, but with more revealing clothing. 

Samira LoL leak

The sultry champion will carry two weapons, a pistol and a dagger. The dagger looks similar to Katarina’s except it’s a bit longer. Her attacks alternate between the two weapons, except when she uses a machine gun for her ultimate ability.

Streamie described her ultimate as a combination of Katarina’s R, Urgot’s R, and Nunu’s R. Samira starts spinning, shooting bullets from the machine gun and throwing daggers. The ultimate allegedly has a “rose” motif, meaning that the rose’s five petals will “bloom” when she’s hitting all five of the enemy team’s champions. 

Samira is supposedly easy to play, with a relatively simple kit. One of her abilities defelcts or protects her from damage in some fashion, much like Irelia’s W. Streamie supposedly saw these abilities in a leaked video taken from an inside source at Riot. 

Streamie also noted that Samira will be “extremely popular” because of her relative strength and potential skins. Streamie even called Samira “jaw dropping.” 

Streamie’s information may come as a shock to the League of Legends community, but it isn’t the first such leak of information about Samira. 

Data miners found Samira emote files within the game just a few days ago. 

When will Samira come to League of Legends?

According to Streamie, this exciting new champion could be coming to the Public Beta Environment in two weeks. 

While Riot has yet to confirm the existence of Samira, the developers did hint at a similar-sounding champion in June. 

In an official League of Legends blog outlining their “champion roadmap,” Riot mentioned a “new marksman” that was “dressed to slay.” They also described her as a “whirlwind of blades and bullets.” These cryptic descriptions sound quite similar to the possible champion Streamie was discussing during her live broadcast. 

Riot stated at the time that Samira would be available for play within this year. 

Streamie then claimed that there’s another champion coming after Samira, and it that it would be called Seraphine. Riot’s champion roadmap discusses a mid lane mage with a focus on music. This would supposedly be Seraphine.