Here’s the list of every confirmed Street Fighter 6 character

By Steven Rondina


Jun 2, 2022

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A new challenger is coming your way, and it’s set to have a strong mix of classic and new fighters. Here’s a list of every character confirmed for Street Fighter 6.

Information on the upcoming fighting game has been coming on a slow drip. Though it was revealed several months ago, minimal information on the gameplay and features of the game have been given.

The one thing that’s been shown are the characters set to come to the game. Both fresh and familiar faces are coming, but some of those familiar faces are getting new looks. Here are the characters coming to Street Fighter 6.

Full list of Street Fighter 6 characters

Street Fighter 6 will likely have a relatively lean crew of fighters at launch, but will see its roster grow over time. Some will come via DLC while others might be free updates that come in over time. At present only a handful of fighters have been confirmed but expect more to be shown ahead of the game’s release. Here are those that we know are coming:


The main character of the Street Fighter series is naturally front-and-center for Street Fighter 6. Ryu is set to return with a cool new look that hearkens to the Street Fighter 4 appearance of Gouken, Ryu and Ken’s teacher. His movest seems similar to what fans are used to but there will likely be some changes to give him a more modern flare.


Capcom did something surprising in Street Fighter V, introducing Luke as the final DLC character and hinting that he’s set to be a big deal in future games. So far, it seems like that’s true. Luke is being prominently featured in trailers as a rival to Ryu. He still boasts the MMA-inspired move set of Street Fighter V but will likely be adjusted to show some character progression.


Chun-Li is back with a bit of a redesign. After sticking with her classic Street Fighter 2 costume in SFV, she’s back with a new look but what appears to be a largely similar move set. Expect her to boast all her signature moves with some unique acrobatics to complement them.


The first all-new character shown for Street Fighter 6 is Jamie and he looks to be a fun addition to the list. Jamie appears to be the first drunken fist user in Street Fighter history. Though the classic Jackie Chan movie has inspired a character in almost every fighting game series imaginable, Street Fighter hasn’t actually had a zui quan fighter to date. Jamie will join the likes of King of Fighters’ Chin, Tekken’s Lei Wulong, and many more.


The bulk of the Street Fighter 2 cast will make its way to Street Fighter 6 and the third member of the classic cast to be revealed is Guile. Like Ryu and Chun-Li, Guile is largely similar to what fans are used to but with some new wrinkles to differentiate him from what fans are used to.

Will Street Fighter 6 have DLC characters

Street Fighter 6 will have DLC characters unless Capcom does a sudden about-face. 

Though fighting game fans were initially resistant to the notion of DLC characters due to the pay-to-win potential, publishers have gone all-in on microtransactions. At this point, it’s the norm for the genre. Whether it’s Smash Bros., Guilty Gear, Street Fighter, or anything else, fans can safely assume that any major fighting game release will receive DLC characters. The only exception will be those that flop so hard on launch that support is nixed on the spot.


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