League of Legends voice packs may be coming in the future

Marta Juras • December 1, 18:14

Riot Games might be considering adding a voice pack feature to League of Legends.

League of Legends product manager Ken Adams asked players over Twitter what they might envision for voice packs of their favorite champions in League, sparking an uptick in discussion on the topic. Most responders shared they would love to have champion announcer packs that only they can hear, which Ken commented “would be pretty cool”.

He did, however, emphasize “would”, implying this isn’t something Riot is already working on. Still, given Riot’s tendency to implement features requested by fans, this could be a hint of things to come.

LoL voice packs tweet

What would LoL announcer and voice packs be like?

Voice or announcer packs would allow players to customize the voices they hear for in-game announcements, replacing the woman that calls out events such as kills, aces, and turrets breaking. Players could hypothetically purchase the packs or acquire them through other means such as event rewards.

These sorts of packs have been used in a number of other titles, but are a staple of MOBAs in particular. Dota 2 offers fans a slew of different options for changing the announcer voice, with options including various heroes and some celebrities within the community like Valve CEO Gabe Newell and YouTuber Ted “PyrionFlax” Forsyth.

Valve has also done a number of voice packs featuring characters from other video games including the narrator from Bastion and GLaDOS from Portal, who casually mocks the player as the game progresses. There was also a high-profile crossover announcer pack featuring cartoon characters Rick and Morty.

For League of Legends, announcer packs featuring the most popular champions would be the most straightforward and likely the easiest to implement. Another option would be adding voice packs to expensive skins, with ultimate skins functionally transforming the entire League of Legends experience when used.

Whether Riot will truly implement the packs in League remains to be seen, but it would likely be a welcome addition to the game.


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