League of Legends to receive new Star Guardians skins

Milo Webb • August 26, 15:00

League of Legends players are likely about to get a new addition to the Star Guardians skin set.

The League of Legends Twitter account tweeted out a teaser for something related to the Star Guardians. The post included a screengrab of Ahri’s hand holding three damaged gems from the “A New Horizon” trailer, and a quote that reads, “I will find you before her darkness burns you all away.” 

This tease clearly pertains to the Star Guardians, but which champions will be getting new themed skins?

A huge list of leaks were posted on the League of Legends subreddit last year. The list included several predictions that have come true, including Lunar Revel skins for Sejuani and Tahm Kench. It also accurately described that Kayle’s rework would have her change her appearance as she leveled up. The post was later removed by the subreddit’s moderators, but the list of leaks may provide a clue as to who might be getting a shiny new skin. 

The list stated that the upcoming series of Star Guardian skins would include Tristana, Neeko, and Nunu & Willump. The lists goes on to suggest that a trio of villainous Anti-Star Guardians may arrive to oppose the heroes. These include two epic skins for Veigar and Zyra, as well as a legendary skin for Syndra.

However, this list of leaks should be taken with a grain of salt. In addition to all the list’s author got correct, they also failed to accurately predict Morgana’s rework, Kayle’s reworked ultimate ability, and Sylas’ gameplay kit.

Riot Games went all out on the last Star Guardians event with five themed skins and an intricate PVE game mode where players defended the Guardians’ Starlight from waves of monstrous void enemies. Riot hasn’t confirmed whether or not this game mode will return or if a new one will take its place with the launch of any new related event.

Much about this upcoming event remains a mystery, but fans should expect Riot Games to divulge more information soon.


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