League of Legends skin sale 11/06 – 11/09

Melany Moncav • November 6, 13:06

Another week, another sale. Prepare your RP for the latest offers starting on November 6 and running through November 9.

Go for the win with one of these four skins for sale:

Groovy Zilean

Get ready for a 70s flashback with this skin. Keep it groovy in the mid lane with the Chronokeeper for 260 RP.

Ironscale Shyvana

Shyvana may be half-dragon, but this skin is fully badass. What’s scarier than a dragon jumping out of a bush? Roam through the jungle with this skin for 375 RP.

Augmented Singed

What’s better than regular Singer? Augmented Singed! Make your scientist smoking hot for 487 RP.

Cosmic Dawn Rakan

It may just be dawning on you how cool this skin looks in-game, so here’s a chance to get it on sale. Impress the Xayah in your life for only 675 RP.

What about some champions for sale? Here are four offers you cannot refuse:


A safe pick with great initiation thanks to the pillar that can stop the enemies from running away. Trundle is strong in the early game and as the match progress, he becomes a decent front line for the damage dealers in your team.

In patch 8.22, Trundle’s Q is getting buffed. Go from king of the trolls to troll king with this pick in the jungle for 440 RP.


So much has been said about this yordle since his debut on the professional stage. A common mid laner, Heimendinger is now moving south to take over the bottom lane.

In lane, his turrets are a great tool for poking enemy enemy champions. His crowd control options allow him to survive against the enemy duo even if your support is roaming. Get Heimendinger for 395 RP.


Another yordle that made it to the professional stage this year, this mage has the potential to become the team’s carry in the mid lane.

Great range allows Ziggs to play from a safe distance but still deal the damage necessary to take over his lane. Learn the explosive ways of Ziggs for 440 RP.


Kalista did not see a lot of action during the summer due to changes in itemization and buffs to other AD carries. But she’s still a good pick to have in your back pocket.


Playing against Kalista can be tricky. Her ultimate can be used to take an ally to safety or put them up front an initiate a play. Get Kalista for 487 RP.


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