League of Legends reveals new logo, fans don’t seem to like it

By Olivia Richman


Sep 19, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games has revealed a new League of Legends logo for the game’s 10-year anniversary. 

The minimalist design emits a vintage vibe that many League of Legends players don’t seem to find very appealing. As with most gaming discussions, fans flocked online to let their concerns be known. 

“Overall it’ll take time to grow on me, I’m just not used to it. I don’t blame Riot for doing this though. It seems like every major company has introduced a new minimalist/simple logo in the past decade. I stared at the old logo for a good while and yeah, while I love it, it kind of does looks old and outdated. I’ll miss the old logo dearly… It just doesn’t feel exactly right,” posted one Reddit user. 

This post caused a major discussion on the logo, and most of the responses were on the negative side. 

One major complaint was the simplicity. Many fans felt like it gave off an “anyone can do that” vibe. A Redditor shared that it looked like Word Art circa 2007 because of its lack of color, vibrance, edges, shine, and shading. In other words, it just looked plain. 

“It’s not bad because it’s minimalistic. It’s bad because it’s plain, generic, soul-less, concept-less. It’s nothing more than the font. It has no other element. Even the L logo is just the letter L from the font,” one user said. 

Other fans agreed that it was overly simple, but noted that it may need to be overly simple for technical reasons.

Another user on the post explained that logos have to “look good on so many different screens” of different sizes and shapes that simpler designs make it easier to “complay with preexisting UIs.” So the more plain the design, the easier it is to scale it to fit various screens. This made players wonder again if a mobile version of League of Legends is in the works. 

League of Legends players also couldn’t seem to take their eyes off Lux in a new promotional image, specifically her long neck. Some joked that it was a teaser for a new skin, Giraffe Lux. 

While many fans had valid points to back up their opinion, nostalgia may also play a part in their harsh criticisms. With the game reaching its 10-year mark, that means many current players have had the game in their lives for a decade. It might be difficult to see a familiar logo being retired after a number of years.

But after a spat of lawsuits and related allegations, Riot Games may want to forget the past a lot more quickly than their fans do.