League of Legends generated $1.75 billion in revenue in 2020

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2020 was a difficult year for many companies, but Riot Games managed to generate $1.75 billion in revenue through League of Legends alone according to SuperData.  

In a recent report by SuperData, it was discovered that League of Legends alone provided Riot Games with $1.75 billion in revenue on its own. This ranks LoL as number six over revenue from free-to-play titles in 2020 right behind Pokémon GO.

Not only did LoL generate one of the highest revenues among free-to-play games in 2020, but according to SuperData, it was the highest revenue among non-mobile free-to-play titles. 

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With the big revenue in 2020, LoL once again proves that it can survive even the biggest crisis. 2020 was a year where the esports scene couldn’t host live tournaments with teams from all over the world competing, but the LoL esports scene managed to overcome that. This means that a lot of eyes were still on LoL in 2020 and fans continued to play with passion. 

To add on to keeping LoL an actively played game, Riot has taken big steps in 2020 by developing the universe. With the release of new games, the LoL universe has been exposed like never before and makes players return day after day to play. 

LoL is only beat by mobile games when it comes to revenue in 2020, a genre that has seen insane growth over the past year. Games like Pokemon GO, Roblox, and Honor of Kings are all big heavy hitters on the mobile gaming market according to SuperData. 

To add on to its success, Riot Games has also seen great numbers for Valorant. The new FPS game was placed as the ninth non-mobile free-to-play game in revenue. Valorant’s launch month revenue even surpassed its direct competitor Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. 

As Riot Games is entering 2021, it seems like all game titles will continue to grow with even more projects in the pipeline such as an MMO and fighting game.   


What is League of Legends?

League of Legends is a free-to-play MOBA game for the PC. The game was released in 2009 and has since then become one of the biggest video games ever seen. League of Legends has millions of active players each month worldwide and continues to develop even after more than 10 years.

LoL also has a very big esports scene that has been built up for almost a decade. The LoL esports scene is currently the biggest of them all, with millions of fans around the world who follow teams, players, and tournaments closely. 

Is League of Legends dying? 

Even after many years on top of the video-game food chain, League of Legends isn’t dying in the nearest future. LoL is still seeing improvements every year, both for the game itself and the esports scene surrounding it. Riot Games keeps innovating the game by releasing new champions, skins, and updates to keep the game fresh. Even though some say that the game is dying, LoL is still the most popular online game out there and manages to pull off big earnings year after year. 

Is LoL difficult? 

LoL is a very complex game and it gets harder and harder to learn as Riot is releasing new elements to the game. LoL started out as a game with only a few champions and game modes but has since then developed into a big universe with a lot of depth to it.

Learning LoL from scratch is by no means impossible, but it will take some time and passion. Playing the game itself can also be very hard to master, but learning to play on a basic level should be fairly easy by using the correct guidance. Start out by picking up a single champion and then build up from there. 


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