LCS broadcast loses Ovilee ahead of 2020 LCS Summer Split

By Melany Moncada


Jun 9, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

The LCS broadcast just lost a key member of its team.

Hostess and interviewer Ovilee May has revealed that she won’t part of the LCS broadcast in the upcoming 2020 LCS Summer split. May, who’s represented by United Talent, shared the announcement through her personal YouTube channel.

May didn’t detail the exact circumstances of the departure from the broadcast, but clarified that she will continue to work with the LCS publishing team. According to the former hostess, she will be producing her own content around the LCS.

“I’ll be able to do more content and more work within the LCS scene than I was able to while working on the LCS. I’ll go from doing three interviews a week to being more present in the community, whether it’d be through my own content, team content, streaming, and even co-streaming,” Ovilee said.

The LCS keeps losing talent

Ovilee is the second member of the broadcast to part ways with the LCS before summer. In May, former LCS caster Joshua “Jatt” Leesman joined Team Liquid as head coach. Jatt is one of the most popular personalities in the North American scene and is highly regarded by fans. It’s unclear if the LCS will bring new talent on board or if they will continue business as usual with a reduced team.

But can the LCS broadcast survive losing more talent?

LCS production is staying behind

It’s impossible not to draw a comparison between the LCS and the LEC. Less than a week away from the start of the split, the LEC has already won the hype game. The European league produced four hype video to the LCS’ one. Each video features pro players and members of the broadcast team.

The LCS produced an animated video that includes a handful of easter eggs, and then called it a day.

Fans have spoken and it’s clear that they prefer the LEC. Both leagues published a video on June 8, two hours apart from each other. On Twitter, 12 hours after being posted, the LEC video received over 300 comments, and over 17,000 likes. LCS’ video only received 89 comments and over 2,000 likes. On YouTube, the LEC’s video had 60,000 views more than LCS’ video.

The community is not happy with the LCS’ lack of effort when it comes to hype content. If the LCS doesn’t try to fix it, it might start losing more viewers.