LCK 2020 Spring Split finals peaks at over 1 million viewers

By Olivia Richman


Apr 26, 2020

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The 2020 LCK Spring Split finals had over 1 million viewers today at its peak.

According to Esports Charts, 1,074,561 peak concurrent viewers watched the match between Gen.G and T1, one of the most anticipated battles in the entirety of the competitive League of Legends. An average of 225,000 fans were tuned in throughout the broadcast, which saw T1 sweep Gen.G to take their third consecutive LCK title.

It was an intense journey to get to the LCK finals. Gen.G had a rough start, but clawed their way to the top spot. T1 defeated DragonX in the semifinals to get a chance at taking on the LCK’s first-place team. While T1’s talent was never under question, the season was a rocky one for T1 and the other LCK teams due to major scheduling and formatting changes. T1 also wasn’t the most favored team through some parts of the split due to the integration of their new rookie talent.

With the Mid-Summer Invitational officially canceled, it’s not yet clear when T1 will next be competing on a global stage.

League of Legends gets high viewership in every region

The LCK was the most watched Spring Split final of 2020 thus far. LEC was in a close second, peaking at 813,000 viewers. This was another highly anticipated match, with Europe’s two top teams competing for the crown.

Even though it was expected to be a close back and forth battle, G2 Esports ended up toppling Fnatic easily. Still, watching the two teams’ talented players show off their skills kept people hooked.

Meanwhile, the LCS Spring Split finals saw a much lower peak of 379,000 viewers. This is most likely due to the outcome being a little more obvious than in the other two regions. Cloud9, after an almost flawless Spring Split, was facing major underdog FlyQuest. Not only was it an easy 3-0 victory for Cloud9, but North America has of late been considered an underdog region with less talent than the LCK or LEC. Teams in the LCS are sometimes criticized for being uninspired and straightforward, making them not as exciting to watch for some League of Legends fans.

The next region to showcase their top talent in a Spring Split final is the LPL. Invictus Gaming will play Top Esports tomorrow for the chance at taking down FunPlus Phoenix for the championship title on April 27.


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