Valiant Hero Valorant

Latest Valorant bundle Valiant Hero includes a mouth-watering melee

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 29, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games has lifted the curtain upon a shiny new Valorant bundle dubbed Valiant Hero for Episode 7 Act 3, which also marks the entrance of Agent 25, Iso. 

Valiant Hero is inspired by Chinese mythology, including traditional art on weapons and a prolonged Staff for melee. Keen players have also noticed a League of Legends easter egg in the bundle’s animations. 

While skins have no tangible influence on gameplay, they’re still at the heart of Valorant. At the beginning of each act, Riot rolls out either a premium or exclusive gun bundle, which would go on to become a holy grail once it leaves the store.

This time, the developer has drawn inspiration from previous collections Imperium, Chinese mythology, and League of Legends’ Champion, Wukong. 

The guns are originally in dull golden shades but have a total of three variants. Each weapon’s muzzle is adorned with a traditional gold design, which also appears on the Staff melee.

The default variant features a color scheme primarily characterized by gold and red hues subtly complemented by elements of blue, in contrast to the other two variants, each of which depicts scenes from Sunset and Dusk, respectively. 

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Valiant Hero is available for: 

  • Operator
  • Vandal
  • Bulldog
  • Ghost
  • Ruyi Staff Melee

The bundle has three variants: red, purple, and blue. It has special effects, animation, VFX, and a kill banner. At the end of the round, the weapon wielder will release a Wukong, throwing strikes from all directions and then finishing off the enemy. This League-style animation is already a massive hit among the fans. 

Valiant Hero price in Valorant

The Valiant Hero bundle is priced at 7,100 VP and includes four gun skins, each costing 1,775 VP, whereas the melee costs 4,350 VP. Those who purchase the full bundle will also get one gun buddy, one player card, and one non-animated spray. It’s a Premium bundle, so it’s eligible to appear in the Night Market sometime in the future at a discount price.