Prestige Empyrean K'Sante

K’Sante expected to receive rework in League of Legends

By George Geddes


Sep 27, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

The League of Legends bruiser in the top lane K’Sante is expected to receive a major rework that will change their kit in every way, almost. 

Earlier today, it was revealed that K’Sante would receive some major changes to their abilities in a mini-rework. All of their abilities, minus E, Footwork, will receive some tweaks to make them more suitable for professional and casual play. 

The changes in detail

Base changes include a health reduction from 610 plus 108 to 570 plus 115, while they will receive an armor growth buff from 4.7 to 5.2.

Their bonus resists applied to their passive will no longer scale during their ultimate. Their Q, Ntofo Strikes, has received some changes, also. The base damage has been reduced from 50-150 to 30-15 while the empowered Q now applies a slow, and the cooldown reduction has been changed to 25 percent rather than one second flat. 

Those aren’t the only changes, however. Their W, Path Maker, has had its damage increased slightly. Their W stun duration has been increased from 0.3 and 0.85 seconds based on charge to 1.25, also. The empowered W will not increase damage but will reduce the charge time to 0.5 seconds. 

Further changes to the empowered Path Maker will likely make them dish out a bit more damage. It will also reduce the cooldown from 24-16 to 18-12 seconds.

K’Sante’s ultimate, All Out, has been changed with some major damage adjustments and an additional attack speed buff. 

Fans can read about all of the changes here

K’Sante has been a menace in professional play and has become a bit of an internet meme. Even DPlus Kia mid-laner Heo “ShowMaker” Su had some iconic harsh words about the champion when he witnessed his whole team be eliminated by K’Sante. 

K’Sante has struggled in solo queue, however. They usually hovers around a 47 percent win rate in the mid to high elos and stabilizes just below 50 percent at ranks such as Challenger, according to Mobalytics


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