KovaaK joins Houston Outlaws, shows future of esports training

By Kenneth Williams


Mar 26, 2022

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The Houston Outlaws esports organization and the KovaaK aim-training tool are joining together to set a new bar for esports training and partnerships, and everyone is taking notice.

Overwatch League team Houston Outlaws has announced a new partnership with aim training program KovaaK 2.0. As the organization’s official aim training platform, KovaaK will now be the training platform of choice for all players on the Houston Outlaws squad. This partnership hits as fan interest conintues to build for the release of Overwatch 2. The deal bewteen KovaaK and Outlaws is proof that esports training programs work for both casuals players and hardcore professionals. Here’s how that realization will drive esports opportunities in 2022 and beyond.

KovaaK x Outlaws partnership proves esports training effectiveness

The new partnership between KovaaK and Houston Outlaws confirms the popular belief that out-of-game training improves in-game performance.

Since the beginnings of the competitive FPS genre in the 90s, players have constantly searched for tips, tricks, and techniques to improve their skills. From switching to a trackball in Quake to mastering the intricacies of AD strafing in Counter-Strike 1.6, gamers have a history of scrounging every little advantage they can find. This is even truer now that gamers are playing for hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars in prize money.

That’s where KovaaK comes in. The program markets itself as the premier aim training game meant to improve play performance across a variety of esport titles. While popular among casual gamers, KovaaK truly shines in the hands of experienced esports professionals. They already tend to have excellent game knowledge and strategic decision making, but physical abilities can always be improved.

The clip above shows Dante “Danteh” Cruz, an Outlaws DPS player, practicing his tracking skills with a custom KovaaK map. This course is particularly suited for Overwatch, since many DPS characters don’t use traditional hitscan weapons. Many Overwatch weapons require tracking player movement over time, which is inefficient to practice solely in-game. Professional players who literally aim to survive utilize KovaaK to improve, effectively proving the program’s efficacy.

The community-generated focus of KovaaK makes it the most versatile aim training program across all shooter esports. Houston Outlaws owner Beasley Media Group also holds investments in Renegades, a Detroit-based organization with rosters in Call of Duty, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Valorant. Esports pros across all three titles can similarly benefit from aim training with KovaaK.

Why KovaaK is already an industry leader in esports marketing

In addition to improving the skills of its player, the KovaaK and Houston Outlaws partnership also breaks ground on new esports marketing opportunities.

Advertising to esports fans is always a minefield. Just a few missteps can lead to major companies ruining their reputation in an important growing market. Selling Mercedes-Benz sedans to gamers is tough, but community-driven training products are a much easier sell. KovaaK and similar products are perfectly positioned to appeal to the exploding gaming and esports market. 

Instead of a product unrelated to gaming or a fancy keyboard falsely promising instant improvement, KovaaK is a legitimate tool proven to improve performance across first-person shooters. Houston Outlaws’ Overwatch team uses KovaaK because KovaaK works. It’s not coaching, it’s not theory, and it’s not blindly copying whatever the pros are doing. It’s intrinsic improvement tied to a player’s physical abilities.

The community-driven part of KovaaK is equally important from a marketing perspective. In the case of Houston Outlaws, contracted players can create custom KovaaK training playlists that fans can download and used. KovaaK’s robust creation tools even create opportunities for organic in-game branding with custom textures showcasing partners. We’ve already seen similar initiatives prove themselves out in CSGO with the popular Betway Challenge series. KovaaK and Houston Outlaws push the idea to the next level.

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KovaaK allows esports fans to connect with their favorite pros in a way that no other product can. This positions the game as a premier partner for any esports organization interested in building recognition.