Killjoy Nano Swarm

Killjoy is keeping teleporters open with her swarm grenades

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 21, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Bind teleporter bugs are back and this time Killjoy’s kit is the culprit.

Riot Games’ approach to Valorant maps is all about individuality. Each map has a unique feature that sets it apart from the others. Some of these qualities serve a particular side in winning, while others are just here for artistic purposes. Valorant’s Bind is like no other map due to its teleporters but they’re also the root of many bugs.

A player has discovered that Bind’s TP doors interact weirdly with Killjoy’s kit, leaving them wide open.

Bind’s doors are viable for attackers who can execute multiple fake attacks and bag most rounds before the switch. Defenders can also rotate quicker with smart use of utility acting as a shield. Any side that knows how to play around the doors certainly gains an edge on Bind. However, recurring bugs in Valorant’s door have made this map unplayable for players.

The latest bug causes the teleporters to stay wide open after Killjoy drops her grenade inside them. The Sentinel agent carries a cute but deadly swarm grenade capable of cutting an enemy to shreds. But it has started to serve a whole new purpose of keeping the doors stuck open.

A Valorant player shared a clip in which Killjoy sent her grenade inside the teleporter and instead of instantly closing down, it remained ajar. The swarm landed a few inches away from the door, creating a new camping spot. The doors won’t close again until the agent deployed her grenade.

While this isn’t a game-breaking bug, it undoubtedly has the potential to ruin high-ranked mathces. Teleporters are viable but they also make a loud noise when used, informing enemies of your position. By using this trick at the beginning of the round, players can mute the teleporter for the entire game. This puts attackers at a massive disadvantage since they won’t know when defenders rotate through the TP.

This isn’t the first time the teleporters have drawn attention for bugs and glitches. In previous patches, most agents with tossable abilities could keep the doors jammed open. Raze, Cypher, Sova, and Yoru could play absurd tricks around Bind, which led the developer to refix the doors.

Riot Games hasn’t yet acknowledged the bug as it’s still new. A fix should be delivered soon since it can be massive in high stake games. But players may want to tread carefully around the teleporters till they get patched up.


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