Kick off the 2021 LCS Summer Split with Clout Fantasy

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The LCS is finally back and will bring fans more games than ever before throughout the upcoming summer split. To spice the games up a little more, Clout Fantasy is here to raise the stakes and provide a little more entertainment to the games.  

For fans who haven’t heard about Clout Fantasy, it’s about time to learn. Clout Fantasy is an esports fantasy app, providing fantasy games for League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The app allows players to enter competitions in all sorts of price ranges to compete for a grand prize. The best fantasy player in each specific competition will be able to claim big prizes for their winning efforts and proven knowledge of the game. 

Just like any other fantasy game, Clout Fantasy is all about predicting outcomes. This means selecting the games, teams, and players that you most believe in. Every LCS game has its own competition in the Clout Fantasy app. For every match, players can enter the competition and compete with others for prizes. The players that perform the best according to the outcome of the LCS match will take home the biggest chunk of cash. 

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Before entering a competition, all players have to go through the sign-up process on the Clout Fantasy app. This requires everyone to sign up as a user, followed up by choosing the preferred game, team, and player. By following these steps, Clout Fantasy makes it easy for you and picks the games that you might as default. If the player likes both LoL and CSGO, there’s always an option to bounce back and forth between the games. 

Overall, the Clout Fantasy app makes it easy for any player to get a grasp of things. The friendly interface makes it easy to find matches and deposit money into the wallet. When money has been deposited, the first competition is only a few clicks away. The “my contest” section also makes it simple and straightforward to follow all active competitions. 

Read more about Clout Fantasy and try it out today.  

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Good fantasy picks for the first week of LCS

With the first week of the summer split starting up, there will be plenty of matches to look at on Clout Fantasy. The first week of the split is always shaky and involves a lot of upsets, which can be taken advantage of when playing fantasy competitions. 

The usual teams to follow will be Cloud9, Team Liquid, and TSM. While these teams are expected to win most of their matches, they might not be the best place to find value. Instead, it will be interesting to look at some teams that didn’t make roster changes in the mid-season break. These could be underdogs like Dignitas and CLG, who are both looking to bounce back during summer to chase a spot at the 2021 World Championship.

Dignitas performed decently last split and proved that a roster without star players can still achieve solid results. Dignitas made no changes during the break, can be an advantage in these first weeks of summer play. Dignitas will be up against the likes of Evil Geniuses, FlyQuest, and 100 Thieves. On paper, Dignitas could take home a win in all of these matchups despite not necessarily being the favorite. 

The game against 100 Thieves might be the most interesting time go with team Dignitas on fantasy leagues. 100 Thieves has changed its mid laner to Felix “Abbedagge” Braun and could need some time to get fully into shape. All of this while Dignitas can continue working on its synergy from the last split. 


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