Kayle, Malphite, others are dominating LoL patch 10.24

By Christian Vejvad


Nov 29, 2020

Reading time: 4 min

Riot recently released the second patch of the 2021 preseason, with a lot of focus on the new item system’s overall balance. 

The changes have balanced a few strong champions, which means that the meta is already changing a bit once again. On patch 10.23, Summoner’s Rift was completely dominated by tanks. These tanks are still strong on patch 10.24, but the changes have made room for some other champions to shine. 

Here are some of the strongest champions in solo queue right now based on win rates from Platinum rank and up. 



Kayle is currently topping the win-rate chart with an impressive 55.94% win rate in the mid lane. Kayle already saw some good win rate on patch 10.23 and has kept performing after the most recent changes. 

Kayle is harvesting the fruits of the new Riftmaker Mythic item, combined with Nashor’s Tooth. The two items give Kayle all the stats she needs with both ability power and attack speed, while Riftmaker stacks up damage while in combat. Kayle is known for her consistent damage in fights and Riftmaker is great at that. 

The strong mid laner usually continue the build with Rabadon’s Deathcap and Lich Bane for the most optimal damage output. Going up against Kayle in lane is no longer an easy task, while she keeps getting stronger as the game progress. 

Nunu & Willump

Nunu & Willump

Nunu & Willump is not the champion that fans usually see at the top of the win-rate chart, but this has changed in the preseason. Nunu is thriving in the tank meta and has become a menace in the jungle. 

With the Phase Rush rune, Nunu becomes a speedy champion that only very few can run away from. Combined with a lot of tankiness through the Sunfire Aegis Mythic item, Dead Man’s Plate, and other items, Nunu is a tank that sticks to the target until it’s dead. 

Nunu works best in the jungle where he can pull off great ganks and secure objectives through his Consume (Q). There is currently very little counterplay to Nunu and he is, therefore, a champion that most people should consider banning in solo queue. 



From a tank jungler to an assassin. Kayn is withstanding the tank meta and doing very well on his own. Kayn has a 54.81% win rate in the jungle and is by far the best assassin to pull out in the jungle position. 

As per usual, Kayn likes to roam around the map and make unexpected ganks through the terrain. Most Kayn players build the Goredrinker Mythic item, which provides him with damage, health, ability haste, and an active that gives assassins the extra damage needed. 

Kayn can still struggle if he falls behind against the tank junglers in the meta, but it’s the opposite if he gets a kill or two in the early game. Kayn’s ability to snowball has increased dramatically in the preseason, which many players are tanking advantage of in solo queue. 



Another tank that tops the charts since the preseason patch hit is Malphite. The rock-solid tank is usually played in the top lane, but for patch 10.24 he is most successful in mid. Malphite is currently sitting at a 54.94% win rate in the mid lane and is the perfect counter against many mages. 

Malphite is a very versatile pick on this patch, but at the same time very straight forward. He builds some of the strong tank items and adjusts to the enemy team by buying mostly armor or magic resist depending on the opposition. 

Malphite is still mostly picked in the top lane, where he also has a great win rate of 53.69%. What makes him better in the mid lane is the fact that he can be a good counter pick, but it’s only viable in certain situations. 

Riot will continue to adjust the preseason changes as the game enters patch 10.25 before the year ends. 

What patch is LoL on right now?

League of Legends is as of November 28 2020 on patch 10.24. The game is currently in the preseason which means that Riot is balancing all the changes that go into the 2021 season. Patch 10.25 will go live on December 9 as the last patch of 2020. 

What time do patches go live in League?

Riot always aims to release patches in the night time, where most players are offline. Patches usually go live on Wednesdays, but sometimes also Tuesdays or Thursdays. Patches for the NA server usually begin at 03:00 PT, while EUW begins at 05:00 BST. The EUNE server received patches beginning at 03:00 CET.  

How long do League patches take?

A patch in League of Legends is usually live for two weeks until the game is updated once again. League patches don’t always take up that much space on your PC, which means that the download times are usually very quick.

Riot has made it possible to log in to the client even when the game is updating, which means that you can still browse around the shop, chat with friends, and other stuff while the game updates.