K/DA to premiere new song The Baddest, release date announced

By Steven Rondina


Aug 21, 2020

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K/DA is making a comeback.

League of Legends’ virtual K-pop girl group is set for a return in the very near future. After an extended silence over the future of the brand, Riot Games surprised fans by launching an official Twitter account for K/DA. The initial tweet gave fans that still have POP/STARS on their go-to playlist a treat with the announcement of a second single, which will be released soon.

K/DA’s new song, The Baddest, will premiere on August 27.

The launch was labeled as a “pre-release single,” which implies that a full K/DA album could be coming in the future.

There is no word on what the song will sound like, but it seems likely that the entirety of the original K/DA lineup will return for The Baddest. K/DA’s Twitter page features a banner that shows the silhouettes of Ahri, Evelynn, Kai’Sa, and Akali. While it isn’t confirmed, it also looks as though the four champions will be getting new skins with the launch as Kai’Sa sports a very different hairstyle compared to her original K/DA look.

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The original K/DA lineup featured real-life singers Madison Beer, Jaira Burns, Cho Mi-yeon, and Jeon So-yeon.

K/DA’s new song a follow up to 2018 hit POP/STARS

League of Legends has attracted non-endemic attention through its musical releases. Songs from established bands such as Against the Current and Imagine Dragons have brought new fans into the game and generated hundreds of millions of hits on YouTube.

Instead of exclusively working with established musical acts in 2018, Riot decided to assemble its own virtual band in the same vein as British musical group Gorillaz by using a number of different artists. That group became K/DA, a mix of pop singers from the United States and Korea. The band’s debut song POP/STARS premiered at the 2018 League of Legends World Championship and quickly became a worldwide sensation.

Few specifics were given on K/DA’s future in the time since. Small leaks and teases have come out over time, with a number of teases coming in late 2019. When Akali singer Jeon So-yeon appeared in 2019 LoL virtual band True Damage, it seemed as though K/DA may have been a one-off affair.

The announcement of a new song from K/DA ought to have fans looking back on a previous leak from 2019 where two titles were apparently leaked on the K/DA Genius page.


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