Just how good is Ninja at League of Legends? We investigate

By Christian Vejvad


May 18, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is mainly known for streaming Fortnite and other shooting games, but he has recently been bitten by the League of Legends bug. And the question League players immediately want answered is whether he’s any good at the popular MOBA.

After years of content creation mainly around Fortnite, Ninja has taken another step in his career and has started to stream League of Legends on the side of his usual games. While the popular streamer isn’t a professional player, he is gathering over 10,000 viewers on average while grinding solo queue on the North American server. Ninja isn’t your usual LoL streamer, but he is definitely starting to put his stamp on the community.

As an avid gamer and one of the biggest streamers in history, how good is Ninja at League of Legends, and what role does he play?  

Ninja is Platinum rank in LoL season 11

What most people probably didn’t know is that Ninja has been playing LoL for quite a while. Back in seasons 4 and 5, Ninja reached Diamond rank. Since then his focus has clearly shifted towards other games. But 2021 looks to be the year where he is aiming to reach Diamond once again. 

As of right now, Ninja is at Platinum 1 rank with almost 1,400 games played this season. The number of games clearly shows his dedication to the game and his eagerness to climb. With a win rate of 51%, Ninja wins more than he loses and is now only one division removed from Diamond. 

Being placed in Platinum 1 probably doesn’t sound that impressive compared to some other streamers, but it does in fact place Ninja among the top 3% of players on the North American server. Compared to other big LoL streamers such as Tyler1, Yassuo, and TF Blade, Ninja isn’t as good, but he might be able to climb further up towards the higher ranks with time. 

When it comes to role and champions, Ninja is mostly dedicated to the bot lane where he plays all sorts of marksmen. His most-played champion this season is Ezreal, with a total of 221 games. In the recent weeks, Ninja has shifted his focus a bit and he has been playing a lot of Miss Fortune with mixed success. 

In games where Miss Fortune isn’t an option, Ninja has been opting towards Samira and Tristana. One of his most popular clips was on Tristana, where Ninja acquires a solid pentakill before winning a game.   

Ninja keeping an eye on the LPL and MSI 2021

With over 1,000 games in solo queue this season, Ninja makes sure to stay up to date with the professional scene as well. As a former competitive Fortnite player, Ninja is all about winning and keeping up with the meta in the games he is dedicated to playing. In League of Legends, Ninja seems to keep an extra eye on the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational and all of its participating bot laners. 

Is Ninja still as popular? 

Ninja isn’t as popular as he was during his prime as a Fortnite player a few years ago. Back then, Ninja was the undisputed king of Twitch and he had the largest viewership of any streamer by far. After playing Fortnite with celebrities including Drake and Travis Scott, Ninja broke streaming records that were unheard of at the time. Other big streamers have taken over since then, but Ninja is still pretty popular. During his LoL and Fortnite streams, he often hits over 15,000 concurrent viewers.


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