Jukeyz banned after showing bikini stream at Warzone tournament

By Olivia Richman


Dec 15, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Call of Duty Warzone veteran Liam “Jukeyz” James has been banned from Activision’s tournaments and fans are torn on the reason why.

Jukeyz was part of OpTic Gaming’s $200,000 Warzone tournament along with other competitive streamers. While the competitors were warming up on the live broadcast, viewers noticed that Jukeyz screen was showing something a bit surprising. Instead of having Call of Duty open to warm up, Jukeyz had a bikini stream on.

“What’s happening here? Who is that?” one of the commentators asked, trying not to laugh after noticing the peculiar screen behind him.

The bikini-clad streamer even joked about the incident on Twitter, but Activision wasn’t as amused.

Jukeyz banned after watching bikini stream

Shortly after the stream, Jukeyz took to Twitter to admit that he was banned from competing in Activision-run tournaments for the next two months or more. He seemed remorseful, stating: “It wasn’t intentional at all. I don’t know what to do or say I wonder if I can appeal it.”

He added: “Truly devastated about this. If you know me, competing is everything to me and this just hurts. Over Christmas as well.”

It was clearly not a big meme to Jukeyz despite others finding the situation amusing. In response his heartfelt tweets, Jukeyz’ fans called out Activision for overreacting.

One fan wrote: “Honestly it’s their fault for casting it and pointing it out directly on the live stream. Theres no rules against you watching that on stream, and they happened to have you up on their stream. They should release an apology for showing it and that’s that. You should not be targeted.”

Some, however, felt that Jukeyz did it on purpose. One gamer pointed out that he had switched to the bikini stream mid-broadcast, so it would be impossible for the tournament organizers to be aware of ahead of time.

“I disagree with the ban, but let’s not beat around the bush. You knew exactly what you were doing,” wrote a fan.

Only time will tell if Jukeyz can get Activision to lighten up over the bikini stream. A few gamers pointed out that Call of Duty is a rated T game so bathing suits should be allowed, but Activision likely doesn’t see it that way.


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