Jhin scaling and MF’s ult make huge combos in Ultimate Spellbook

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Ultimate Spellbook is entering its final days on the live server and a lot of fun and overpowered combos in the game mode have been discovered in the past weeks. Some have been more flashy and innovative than others, while some combos have just flat-out crush opponents. 

A simple but strong combo was recently discovered by a Jhin player that had access to Miss Fortune’s ultimate Bullet Time. Because of Jhin’s enormous scaling on attack damage through his passive, this ability alone was enough to burn the enemy team in a split of a second. Even though flashier combinations have been discovered in Ultimate Spellbook, this one likely takes the cake for the highest damage output in the shortest span of time. 

Jhin gets instant pentakill with Miss Fortune ultimate

Just as any Miss Fortune player dreams of pulling off, this Jhin hit the perfect ultimate and was rewarded with a pentakill. In a matter of barely three seconds, the Jhin player wiped the entire enemy team with Bullet Time before the ultimate’s duration was even finished. 

Usually, a Miss Fortune player has to be very lucky to get off a full duration of Bullet Time on top of enemies. In Jhin’s case, this was no problem. Because of the way Jhin scales with attack damage through his passive, the champion usually reaches much higher attack-damage numbers compared to other marksmen. This is great for the Bullet Time ultimate, which scales hard on physical damage and crit.

What’s also worth noting is that Jhin had a full build when the play occurred, providing him with a whopping 928 attack damage. Jhin was also at level 18, which means that the Bullet Time was at its absolute highest point of strength and his enemies couldn’t do a thing about it. 

Jhin wiped out the likes of Taric, Nocturne, Irelia, Twitch, and Yuumi, giving no time for any of the opponents to react. Taric had also used his ultimate just seconds before the play, giving Jhin a great chance to get off his damage. 

Ultimate Spellbook will still be available throughout the week, so players will be in a hurry to try out this combination before the game mode will retire for an unknown period of time. 


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