Jhin and Janna create one of Ultimate Spellbook’s best combos

By Christian Vejvad


Jul 16, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Jhin with a Janna ultimate might not sound like the best combination in Ultimate Spellbook, but one player has proven its worthiness. 

In a recently trending clip, a Jhin player pulled off one of the most creative kills in Ultimate Spellbook so far by pushing the enemy into a stack of his own traps through the use of Janna’s Monsoon (R). The unexpected play on the enemy Fizz turned into an instant kill in the mid lane and is likely a combo that many players will now likely try to replicate in Ultimate Spellbook. 

The player on Jhin had done a lot of preparation to make this play happen and it was likely always their mission to make it work. Jhin had stacked up a number of Captive Audience (E) traps at the edge of the wall that leads into the right side of his jungle. By playing towards the side of his traps, he baited the enemy Fizz into an engage after which Jhin could pull off the surprising combo. 

As soon as the Fizz tried to engage with a combo on his own by using Playful / Trickster (E), Jhin reacted quickly and flashedto the side followed by using Janna’s Monsoon. This pushed the Fizz directly into the stack of traps that detonated before Fizz could react. Without flash, there was no chance for Fizz to get out of the slows before it was too late. Jhin even used his Dancing Grenade (Q) and Deadly Flourish (W) to get the root and some extra damage to finish the deadly burst.   

As a squishy champion, Fizz popped in an instant and couldn’t do anything about it.

There’s still plenty of time for players to try to pull off this combo or even to discover new ones. Ultimate Spellbook will remain in the game until August 9 alongside the Rise of the Sentinel event.


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