Jett has a new counter for post-plant meta in Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 11, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Post-plant incendiaries are the new Valorant meta. It’s tough to counter Brimstone in this scenario, but one Valorant streamer has accidentally discovered a way to outplay the agent.

Valorant meta continues to change as the skin ceiling goes higher. Players keep finding new tricks, then counters to those tricks, which results in an ever-changing meta. However, even the high-ranked players have failed to find a consistent defense for post-plant lineups, but Twitch streamer Tiffanie has discovered a new way to dodge incendiaries.

How to use Jett to counter Brimstone post-plant

Agents like Viper, Brimstone, and Killjoy are picked heavily in high ELO games due to their tossable abilities. They can use their fire to pause hard pushes on defense, whereas their kits become incredibly crucial on the attacker side. Once the Spike has been activated, these agents must stay alive until the end to throw death-dealing utility and keep enemies at bay.

While streamers and pro players often deny post-plants by smoking off lineups, sending Sova’s dart to common angles, it’s impossible to keep all areas secure. Attackers keep finding newer spots to send molotovs from. However, this Jett trick accidentally discovered by Twitch streamer Tiffanie can dodge Brimstone lineups coming in from all areas of the map.

In one versus three situations, the enemy Brimstone still had leverage as he still carried his molotov from safety. Her teammate Cypher was defusing the Spike when Brimstone shot his molly. It could’ve turned the momentum in the attacker’s favor, but Tiffanie rose to the occasion.

She was randomly flying across the site when Brimstone launched his device to burn off the Spike. However, the streamer unexpectedly bumped into the launcher, sending it away from the Spike. Her team managed to win the round because of her little trick.

It turns out it’s a consistent trick that Jett can pull off against Brimstone. Her body can send the large launcher away from the Spike. Jett players may want to stick near the Spike and try to stay alive till the end. It works consistently against Brimstone’s molly but is harder to pull off against Viper and Killjoy’s nades. Their utility is much smaller and faster, but it’s not entirely impossible. Players with ace movement can lurk around the Spike and dash into a nade device to keep the Spike safe.