David Dobrik sue

Jeff Wittek sues David Dobrik for $10 million after wild stunt

By Olivia Richman


Jun 23, 2022

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Controversial YouTuber David Dobrik is now being sued by former friend and Vlog Squad member Jeff Wittek, who filed a lawsuit against Dobrik after being injured during a stunt for one of Dobrik’s videos.

Over the past few years, Dobrik has been under fire for his behavior. Once seen as a top YouTuber due to his nearly 19 million subscribers largely won thanks to his ongoing prank series and home full of popular friends, the streaming community has lately grown weary of the Vlog Squad founder.

In November of 2021, a former fan came forward with footage of Dobrik’s friend Dom Zeglaitis molesting her while Dobrik filmed the incident. At the time of the incident in 2017, the now 22-year-old was responding to a request from Dobrik for girls 18 and older to be extras in a vlog. Dobrik and his crew were then accused of filming girls naked and sharing the footage against their will, groping women at conventions, and even committing rape.

Former Vlog Squad members have also been vocal against Dobrik in recent years, claiming that they were bullied and mistreated while working for him. Dobrik was rarely if ever the subject of pranks and ridicule in his videos, while all of the other participating members often took part in controversial videos that left them injured or even canceled. This includes Nick Keswani saying his mental health was damaged after being constantly mocked for his dwarfism and other conditions, and Seth Francois being tricked into kissing a man without his consent and then being humiliated for it.

Another infamous incident saw Wittek perform a dangerous stunt involving a crane. Now Wittek is suing Dobrik due to injuries sustained during the incident.

Wittek suing Dobrik after injury from stunt video

In 2019, Dobrik created an entirely new concept for his Vlog Squad content revolving around them performing dangerous stunts. This includes skydiving and swinging from a crane.

During the crane stunt, Dobrik started spinning the crane too quickly, causing a dramatic fall. This resulted in Wittek needing to go to the hospital after hitting the side of the crane. Wittek had almost lost all vision in one eye, broke his foot and hip, and shattered his skull.

Wittek is now suing Dobrik for $10 million in damages despite his claiming he wouldn’t do so in the past. The lawsuit is over the injuries Wittek suffered, his wage losses, and his large amount of hospital bills after “almost dying” following the stunt gone wrong. Wittek has had numerous eye surgeries following the incident, which is the main source of his frustration towards Dobrik.


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