Jeff Kaplan shuts down hero ban rumors in Overwatch League 2020

Morten Marstal • January 23, 03:12

Jeff Kaplan has squashed rumors related to banning heroes in Overwatch League’s 2020 season.

In the last few days, OWL fans have been buzzing about possible hero bans. Season 2 had a lot of complaints regarding the GOATS meta, which wasn’t really helped when the 2-2-2 role lock ushered in the double shield meta.

With the new season quickly approaching, many fans are wondering what things will look like in OWL’s 2020 season with the latest patch doing little to dial back the power of Sigma and Orisa.

That led to speculation that the heroes were going to be removed from the equation entirely with a ban from OWL, but Blizzard Vice President and Overwatch designer Jeff Kaplan shut down those rumors and explained why there were no plans to implement hero bans. He explains that the Overwatch team gets that the players want a more fluid meta, but doesn’t think that banning heroes is the solution.

“We absolutely have plans to help move the meta more and we’ll be talking about these in an upcoming developer update. We get it. We agree. Make the meta move faster. Ok.” Jeff says in his post.

A lot of the post indicated that all of the answers will be given in a developer’s update that will be released in the near future. There are a lot of questions about the meta right now, especially when the solutions will greatly affect the watchability of the OWL.

The OWL has been panned by many as boring, as the meta has consistently shifted in ways that make for infrequent action, and limit the opportunities for individual playmaking. It’s likely that fans will see a faster, more fluid shift in the meta this year.

How Kaplan plans to make that a reality will remain under wraps for a little while longer.


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