JD Gaming breaks DAMWON Gaming’s win streak in Worlds 2020

By Melany Moncada


Oct 9, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

JD Gaming broke DAMWON Gaming’s 16-game winning streak in the final match of group B in the 2020 World Championship.

JDG bounced back from its early defeat against PSG Talon and took down DAMWON, breaking the team’s perfect record. DAMWON had a 16-game winning streak, including the LCK best-of-five finals and several series in the regular season.

After the match, DAMWON finished the group stage with a 5-1 record, securing first seed. JDG had to settle for the second seed and will get the strongest opponent in the next round.

It’s all about the combos

The team composition was key for JDG’s victory, as well as how they used the ultimates together to win fights. It was Bard’s ultimate into Camille’s Hextech Ultimate and Miss Fortune’s bullet time. The combo was simply impossible to avoid and DAMWON kept falling into the trap.

In lane, the JDG players amassed significant gold and farm advantages. DAMWON couldn’t recover from the deficit. DAMWON still had some things going, like when the team secured the Cloud soul and found good fights. The game had no standing implications, but it showed exactly the level of both DAMWON and JDG heading to the next stage.

DAMWON and JDG might meet again

DAMWON and JDG are the favorites to make it all the way. DAMWON in particular is looking like the strongest team in the tournament. Even from a deficit, DAMWON can fight and take objectives. No other team in the tournament would’ve been able to do what DAMWON did against JDG.

As for the LPL squad, it had its ups and downs but still looks like a solid contender. JDG dropped a game against a considerably weaker opponent, PSG Talon, but bounced back against the strongest team in the tournament. Out of the remaining teams at Worlds, only TOP Esports looks like it could challenge JDG and DAMWON.

The 2020 World Championship bracket will be decided on September 11.


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