Jamppi confirms switch to Valorant after legal battle with Valve

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 26, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

After a lengthy legal battle, professional Counter-strike: Global Offensive player Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen has announced his much-speculated move to Valorant. 

ENCE’s former young gun Jamppi has been rumored to exit CSGO after years of legal proceedings with Valve. After some back and forth, the youngster has decided to quit Valve’s competitive shooter once and for all. 

Jamppi entered CSGO at a young age and managed to appear at the top of the scene in a short time. However, an alleged mistake on his part backfired, damaging his reputation in CSGO. 

Why did Jamppi quit CSGO? 

A severe VAC ban was levied against Jamppi in 2015, prohibiting him from participating in CSGO majors. While the player had insisted that the account in question was sold before the ban, Valve has refused to budge from its decision. Jamppi’s legal pleas against Valve didn’t help him much as the court ultimately ruled in the developer’s favor. 

Despite some support from the community, Jamppi’s CSGO career remained on the verge of collapse. Valve’s stamp on his account sabotaged his vocation at various points. His deal with OG fell through due to his inability to participate in Valve events. Jamppi’s career took a seeming turn when ENCE signed him to its payroll. However, his never-ending legal battle with the developer likely played a role in Jamppi being cut from ENCE’s overhauled 2021 roster

Jamppi moves to Valorant after legal battle

Jamppi’s battle for a ban removal has started to look like a lost cause, as Valve counts VAC bans on a per-user basis, which means that Jamppi will be held responsible for activities on any account registered on his name. Taking Valve’s TOS into consideration, there’s not much Jamppi can do to maintain a professional career in CSGO. 

Fortunately for the Finnish player, Riot Games’ tactical shooter has emerged as CSGO’s primary competitor in the first-person shooter genre. A plethora of CSGO professional players have packed their bags to pursue a career in Valorant, and Jamppi has finally decided to follow suit. 

“I will be switching to VALORANT. The first reason all of you know (VAC ban). Mentally also, I think it’s a very good thing that I can play freely and compete and hopefully become one of the best players in that game,” Jamppi said.

Looking at Jamppi’s stats in CSGO, it shouldn’t be hard for the young gun to appear on top of Valorant leaderboards in the coming months. In his brief CSGO career, Jamppi emerged as one of the game’s young stars, ending up on major organizations’ radars. Switching to Valorant should give him a chance to start fresh and show off his true potential.


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