Jake Paul gets into dangerous hat spat with Floyd Mayweather

By Steven Rondina


May 7, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Jake Paul’s social media hooliganism knows no boundaries, even when he’s facing the top boxing athlete of the last 30 years and his entourage of hulking bodyguards.

With a looming exhibition match between boxing great Floyd Mayweather and Jake Paul’s brother Logan Paul, the younger Paul brother Jake has been looking to get his time in the spotlight as well. He certainly got it on Thursday as he went chest-to-chest with Mayweather.

These sorts of moments are very common in all combat sports, where fighters will normally puff their chests and talk smack. At worst, there’s some pushing and shoving. Things went in a different direction with Jake Paul as he swiped Floyd Mayweather’s The Money Team hat right off of his head. The moment was recorded by Showtime:

After getting close to Mayweather, Jake Paul exchanged some words with him before snatching his baseball cap and shouting “got your hat” before trying to slip into the crowd of media behind him. Paul was quickly grabbed by Mayweather and his crew before he could escape. Paul and Mayweather’s crew were then pulled apart and separated by security.

Mayweather isn’t above some staged theatrics but this did seem to catch him off-guard. Though the incident centered around a hat, Mayweather was filmed shouting and saying that he’ll “kill that motherfucker” after:

When all was said and done, Paul was sporting a black eye from the dust-up which he says from one of Mayweather’s bodyguards:

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Jake Paul continues to dominate combat sports headlines

Previously an undercard attraction on his brother’s matches against YouTuber KSI, Jake Paul’s profile in combat sports has grown rapidly over the last few weeks. Paul recently boxed former Olympian and two-time MMA champion Ben Askren, blowing him away with a first-round knockout.

That win added a good bit of credibility to his in-ring endeavors, which he has capitalized on in several ways in the time since. Alongside the boon to his mainstream visibility and social media followings, Jake Paul has been a steady presence in the MMA news cycle, most recently getting into a dust-up with former UFC champion Daniel Cormier during an event. He also took a swipe at UFC executive Dana White for under-paying fighters.

Jake Paul’s next opponent is one of the most-talked-about topics in combat sports at the moment, with MMA fighters lining up for the chance to get a payday that’s basically impossible to find in the cage.

Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather: Date, PPV price, and how to watch

Logan Paul will be boxing Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition match on June 6. The match will be broadcasted on Showtime PPV in the United States and on Fanmio outside the United States. 

An exact price has not been announced for fans in the United States, but recent Floyd Mayweather boxing matches have run up to $99.99. Fans outside the USA will be able to see the event for $49.99.

As for Jake Paul, he will not be competing on the card in any capacity. It is unknown who he may fight next, but it is possible that an answer will come soon.


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