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Is Valorant agent Sage getting a mass res like Mercy in OW?

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 26, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Rumors of Sage mass res are freshly swirling around. Is she really getting an ultimate ability like the old Mercy in Blizzard’s Overwatch? 

Mercy could revive as many as five teammates within her AoE ability in the good old days of Overwatch. The overpowered ability was later reduced to single teammate resurrection, which is more balanced. However, players have discovered clips of a possible Sage mass res in the wild, leading to rumors of a Mercy-like ult for Valorant’s Sage. 

Sage can currently revive only one person with her ultimate. Sage is highly valuable as the only agent who can bring the dead back in Valorant. Now imagine if she had resurrection AoE. It’s a wild idea. 

Sage mass res rumors are only rumors 

Sage Valorant

As tempting as a mass res sounds, it’s just a rumor. The clip making the rounds is likely an edit because Riot hasn’t said anything about updates to Sage’s ultimate. 

Players recently discovered a clip on TikTok in which Sage activates her ultimate, causing multiple enemies return to life in the iconic sage green animation. It’s pretty convincing, but unfortunately, it’s a fake edit. 

A mess res would work based on the Area of Effect. Meaning Sage would be assigned a limited area in which she would be able to revive all dead enemies. This would be game-breaking in a 5v5 FPS game, so it’s only logical to think it’s merely a rumor.

Riot is currently pushing Valorant’s skill ceiling by making agent’s abilities more valuable. Allowing Sage to resurrect agents in AoE would go against the goals Riot seems to be working towards now. 

The unique healer will continue to revive one agent per ultimate until Riot feels generous enough to transform her entire kit. The chances of that happening are one in a million, but not zero.

But it’s definitely a fun concept.