Is the gameplay in Sonic Frontiers any good?

By Melany Moncada


Nov 11, 2022

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Sonic Frontiers arrived on all platforms on November 8 and while the game is considered by most critics as “good”, the truth is the gameplay is leaving a lot to be desired.

Sonic Frontiers’ left fans worried about the newest title and in true Sonic fan fashion, they let Sega know what they thought about the early footage. The game got delayed but the improvements that fans hoped for never arrived. Sonic Frontiers is not the classic Sonic game, trying too hard to differentiate itself from previous titles and the game suffers for it.

The first element that confuses players is the world where the game takes place. It’s full of cliffs and mountains that overall feel too serious for a Sonic game. Sonic Frontiers toned down its usual playful tone, in favor of a serious one.

“It looked like a bland Unreal Engine demo that someone shoved Sonic into,” Zack Zwiezen wrote for Kotaku.

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The gameplay is best described as clunky and awkward at times. It will take a couple of hours of play to get used to it. The promised sandbox elements of the game are not fully realized and the game doesn’t seem to be able to keep up with Sonic. Some players reported that at times when they reached maximum speed, the game failed to load the map. Not loading in a timely manner seems to be a recurrent issue for Sonic Frontiers that affects the gameplay.

The story has nostalgic elements that pay homage to previous games. It is a game that any Sonic fan should try as long as they get to play with an open mind and low expectations.

How much GB is Sonic Frontiers?

For PC the file size of Sonic Frontiers is 30 GB. Players need at least 8GB of Memory RAM and an Intel Core i5 to run the game.

The Nintendo Switch version of the game is 10.4GB, additional space might be required for updates or patches.


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