Is Sova OP in Valorant? 100 Theives Hiko shows off the agent

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 29, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant’s initiators are often undervalued in high-ranked lobbies, as the stats confirm. However, pro player Hiko’s incredible plays with Sova’s toolkit tell a different story. 

Stage one of the Champions Tour in North America saw 100 Thieves go up against The Five Emperors in a best-of-three match. The games were one-sided, as 100 Thieves stomped over their opponents in 2-0 fashion. And it was Spencer “Hiko” Martin’s outstanding use of Sova’s toolkit that stole the spotlight. The American captain illustrated how the initiator is supposed to be played, leaving notes for all Sova mains.

Hiko shows the best way to play Sova

The team bested the the Five Emperors in Bind, and had almost bagged the second map in a clean sweep. After losing one round to the opposing team, the North Americans at 100T stood at 12-1 on Ascent. 

In the last round of the second map, 100 Thieves had successfully planted the Spike at bomb point B. While the Defender’s effort to retake the site was commendable, Hiko refused to give up another round. In a three-versus-four situation, the ball was undoubtedly in the defenders’ court until Hiko pulled out Sova’s Shock Bolt. Using a well-calculated lineup, the Sova main took two players down with one arrow. The menacing bolt was meant for one player originally, but the ability was fast enough to hit two, stunning both defenders. 

Hiko’s consistency with bolt lineups affirms that it wasn’t just a lucky shot. At another point in Ascent, the North American player stunned an enemy camping under haven with two arrows. The second bolt bounced off the wall and hit the enemy Sova right where it hurt. 

Initiator category is currently the most overlooked one in Valorant. Sova is the initiator to be picked the most by professional players. It was his viable toolkit that previously made him the most-played agents in Valorant First Strike: North America alongside Omen. Despite being a favorite of the pros, Sova is not seen much in regular ranked lobbies. However, Hiko’s incredible plays may bring Sova back into the game’s broader meta. 

Can you kill an enemy with Sova’s shock dart in Valorant?

Sova’s stun arrows are deadly, but not fatal enough to kill an armored enemy. The Shock Bolt damages the opponent for up to 90 hp, making it less deadly than Raze’s nade or Killjoy’s nano swarm. However, as Hiko shows, Sova mains can easily take down multiple wounded enemies with a shock bolt when used correctly. The ability works best against enemies stuck in enclosed areas, as they will take full damage.


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