Is sinatraa returning to Valorant? Is he streaming again?

By Olivia Richman


Apr 20, 2021

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Jay “sinatraa” Won’s fans have been wondering if the popular Valorant player would be returning to the game after being accused of abusing his ex-girlfriend. Now it seems like they are finally getting some answers. 

sinatraa was benched from pro team Sentinels after Cleo “cle0h” Hernandez came forward with a TwitLonger outlining the abuse she allegedly faced while dating sinatraa. The TwitLonger included an audio recording in which Cleo could be heard saying “no” to sinatraa multiple times as the former Overwatch League MVP pressures her to engage in sexual activities. Sentinels suspended sinatraa while the organization performed an investigation, which is still underway. 

During one of fellow Valorant pro Yassine “Subroza” Taoufik’s recent streams, the first-person shooter veteran had sinatraa with him while he played a game of Valorant. This was sinatraa’s first known game of Valorant since the accusations, prompting fans to debate if sinatraa is finally coming back to Riot’s tactical shooter. 

Is sinatraa playing Valorant again? 

While sinatraa is still suspended from Sentinels and Riot’s official Valorant tournaments, it appears that sinatraa is planning on streaming Valorant again. He appeared on T1 Rahul “curry” Nemani’s stream recently, during which sinatraa informed viewers that he will be back to streaming “soon.” 

sinatraa return Valorant

sinatraa didn’t say exactly when he would be back, but this definitely has his fans excited. The Valorant community has even started speculating that sinatraa’s name on Twitch has changed and he’s been secretly playing under different accounts.

sinatraa’s Sentinels teammate, Shahzeb “ShaZaM” Khan, has also confirmed on stream that sinatraa is still playing Valorant. While sinatraa may be banned from competitive tournaments, he hasn’t been booted from the game itself. So the fact that sinatraa is still playing is not too surprising. The real anticipation is seeing if sinatraa will start streaming again, if he will be cleared of the allegations made against him, and if he will be allowed back into tournaments. 

Cleo confirms she filed police report against sinatraa

Even though the Sentinels has been doing an investigation into the situation with Cleo, the situation has not been confined to the esports community. Cleo shared a brief update on the situation with sinatraa on Monday after receiving a lot of backlash over the audio file she shared. In the update, Cleo states that she has filed a police report. 

And for the matter of police: I did file a report. I do have a case. It’s open and ongoing. That’s all I’ll say on that,” Cleo said. 

Cleo shared more screenshots of sinatraa’s manipulative and abusive behavior in the update as well. This included a screenshot of him buying her Plan B after refusing to wear a condom, making her feel guilty for not wanting to engage in intercourse, and a clip of a conversation in which he seems to be speaking harshly towards her.

In the update, Cleo also shared more information on the situation with sinatraa’s current girlfriend. While Cleo was staying silent, sinatraa’s girlfriend had been telling everyone that Cleo was “crazy.” Cleo wrote that it was difficult for her to move on when sinatraa’s girlfriend was “dragging [her] name through the mud.” 

“Her sharing stuff like this on her platform scared me into silence because I didn’t want to have to defend myself against not only Jay and his fans but her and her fans as well,” Cleo said. “As I said previously I know she just believes Jay which is fine, but this is one of the main reasons why I kept quiet.”

sinatraa’s girlfriend releases statement defending sinatraa, condemns Cleo

sinatraa’s current girlfriend Emma decided to make a statement of her own in which she is publicly defending sinatraa. She explained in a Google doc that she had decided to make an “impromptu statement” about the entire situation. 

Cleo continues to paint herself as a saint and she has provided, yet again, nothing about how she treated him or myself. I know she isn’t the person that she’s trying to display to the world, not because of Jay, but because of the Overwatch scene,” Emma said.

She went on to write that Cleo made TikToks about her as well. She was allegedly told by friends that Cleo was tweeting about Emma from a fake Twitter account “every day.” 

Emma shared a variety of screenshots that showed her friends allegedly being harassed by Cleo. The screenshots had names blurred out so it’s unclear who exactly was interacting with whom, but Emma explained that the conversations were about Cleo treating sinatraa, Emma, and their friends poorly. 

I am still dating Jay,” Emma said. “I have heard his side and I have never felt unsafe throughout my relationship with Jay. Jay has always put my comfort above anything, always. I hope that you guys will hear him out when he addresses it all publicly.”

On Twitter, many in the Valorant community remained skeptical of Emma’s side of the story. Some accused her of “victim blaming.”

“I don’t understand how ppl are saying I’m trying to victim shame. She brought up my part in her story, I apologized. She publicly stated that I apologized to turn me into a weapon against jay, then brought it up again. I just addressed it and stated that I’m still with Jay,” Emma tweeted back. 

Some followers told her to ignore the haters and expressed their support for Emma as the drama continues. sinatraa still has not made any further public statements about the situation, on social media or elsewhere. 


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